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It's crazy how some of our favorite cartoon characters have real life doppelgängers. While it looks like some of these people clearly dressed up on purpose, it seems that others were just coincidentally born this way. Check out these top picks - the resemblances are uncanny!

1. Carl Fredricksen from Up!

Our favorite, balloon-flying oldie... only in real life. (Source)

2. Andy from Toy Story

It's true, Toy Story really DOES bring out the real kid in all of us. (Source)

3. Mr. Burns from The Simpsons

A true Mr. Burns doppelgänger, though maybe slightly less sinister. (Source)

4. Boo from Monsters Inc.

From the sweet toothless grin, the cute pigtails, to the huge puppy-dog eyes, this real-life Boo has it all. (Source)

5. Beavis from Beavis and Butthead

Although he's got his huge forehead game on-point, there's something about all those scratches that makes this doppelgänger far more creepy than the original. (Source)

6. Meg from Family Guy

Hey, Meg! Is that really you? (Source)

7. Elsa from Frozen

For all you Frozen fans out there, Anna is a real-life Elsa. Check out her Instagram and see for yourself.

8. Johnny from Johnny Bravo

I really feel sorry for this guy. With all that effort spent slicking back his hair and bulking up at the gym, he has failed to notice that all he's done is transform himself into a real-life Johnny Bravo. (Source)

9. Russell from Up!

Just as cute in real-life. (Source)

10. Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Christina Hendricks makes for a super sexy Jessica Rabbit. (Source)

She can sure walk the walk but can she talk the talk? It would be hard to top off THIS performance...

Lion King/Game of Thrones Special

11. Scar from The Lion King

Who would have thought that the incredible Khal Drogo would have so much in common with Scar from The Lion King? (Source)

Got any awesome friends who look like cartoon characters? We'd love you to share them with us!


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