ByAngelo Thomas, writer at

Follow the yellow brick road, guys!

Yellow Brick Road is a 2D-animated musical feature that is looking to fans of its source material, the classic Wizard of Oz, to help bring it to the screen.

Already signed on to the project is Christy Carlson Romano, the voice of Disney's Kim Possible and Broadway vet, among other Broadway and musical theatre talent: Ramona Mallory, Whitney Kraus Jones, and Georgia Warner. Behind the "curtain" is a crop of film industry veterans and passionate young artists, from producer Christopher Campbell to art director Tally Todd.

The team is looking to raise $75,000 on Indiegogo to get the film into production and on schedule for release in 2016. Rewards being offered to contributors include the film's home video releases, the novelization, original artwork, and producer credits.

Watch the Yellow Brick Road campaign video below, and support the film on Indiegogo!


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