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There's long been talk of DC's TV and movie universe's being kept completely separate - but could we finally be set to see one of DC's major movie heroes appear on the small screen?

Well, if newly leaked audition tapes for the upcoming Supergirl are to be believed, we just might be set to see the most iconic hero of them all grace our television screens: Superman himself.

Yup, that's right, the videos - which you can check out below - seem to suggest that Supergirl is going to be based in a universe in which Superman is very much flying around (as well as that the series is set to co-star Superman's pal himself, Jimmy Olsen).

Now, obviously, a world in which Superman exists does not necessarily a Superman cameo make - and, of course, those audition scenes could have very little in common with the actual final series we'll see.

That being said, though - if they are for real, it seems unlikely that the show would place that much emphasis on Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl, as well as that many direct references to Superman, without the Man of Steel appearing in some form or another.

Now, that would mark a huge shift in Warner Bros.' approach to major DC heroes like Batman and Superman - who have, up till now, been more-or-less banned from live-action television - but who knows, maybe DC has finally spotted that Marvel seem to be doing pretty well with that whole unified Cinematic Universe thing they've got going? And, if so, that could even open up the possibility of some other big cameos in, say, the Robin-starring Titans...

I mean, they could be in the form of a blue and red blur in the sky, or a batarang flung into a lurking villain's back, but either way (and irrespective of whether we'd actually get to see Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck anywhere near a TV series) - it'd be great to see...

What do you guys think, though?


Would you like to see a Superman cameo in Supergirl?



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