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Whether they're being taken out by stone wielding Ewoks, walking into doorframes or generally being useless in the face of danger, Imperial Stormtroopers seem to have chosen the short end of the stick, or lightsaber, when it comes to luck. What is the point in their armor when they can be killed with one shot?

But one lucky Australian man seemed to have had the Force smiling at him while trekking across the Australian outback. Scott Loxley, who is attempting the epic stroll while dressed as a Stormtrooper for charity, was attacked by a King Brown snake in Yalboroo near Melbourne, but is still here to tell the tale due to his costume!

*insert Jedi snake joke*
*insert Jedi snake joke*

Image via Tom Charlton

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Loxley stated that he was used to seeing deceased snakes on his 15,000km journey, so continued on his way past the supposed cadaver. But this King Brown turned out to be very much alive.

“He’s lunged at me and bit me. But the good news is the armor, he bit me in the shin, and the armor actually protected me and stopped the bite.
“I could feel the teeth scraping on the plastic, but the armor actually stopped something.

What a lucky, lucky man! And a great one at that. According to Australia's National Geographic, the King Brown snake is said to be the sixth most dangerous snake in the world! So it seems as if the Imperial Stormtrooper's uniform does come in handy... when walking past angry snakes at least.

The 47 year old former soldier left Melbourne in 2013 and set out on a clockwise route around the coast of Australia. He's been walking for over 280 days and has so far raised $40,000AUD of a $100,000AUD goal for Melbourne’s Monash Children’s Hospital.

It seems as if the Force is well and truly with this one. If you want to follow Loxley's story, give him a digital pat on the back or even donate, head over to his Everyday Hero donation page here.

All the best, Scott!

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