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With Bioware's Mass Effect 4 recently teasing us with its release date, players have begun to speculate once more on the central idea of the plot that the developers could be conjuring up for the future of the series. On NeoGaf, we heard some interesting news from a certain shinobi602, a being that claims to have insider access into the production of Mass Effect 4.

The user stated that the game was huge in scale, even greater than that of Dragon Age: Inquisition. However, he was also adamant about stating that the next ME title will in fact "100%" release in 2016. A whole host of around 200 devs are supposedly now working on the title with DA:I behind them. If true, this is remarkably exciting!

Mass Effect Leviathan
Mass Effect Leviathan

Therefore, we'll be waiting for quite some time before the supposed Xbox One and PS4 title will be unveiled in the story department. I'm praying that E3 let's us take a look at how Bioware are coming along with the game. But what if the game didn't exactly join up with Mass Effect 3 and gave us a kind of pre-prequel?

Mass Effect 4 - A Pre-Prequel on Xbox One & PS4

Some people have speculated that ME4 could actually take us far into the past and show us what the galaxy looked like prior to one of the Reaper wipe outs. We would see an entire new kind of Mass Effect game as the worlds are presented with alien races that we've never seen before.

But what about that Krogan?
But what about that Krogan?

While an interesting idea, I wonder how that would exactly have tied in with having seen a Krogan in the ME4 trailer. Perhaps the Krogans have been around a lot longer, or maybe history even repeats itself as we see different planets still giving life to organisms that evolve along similar lines to the Krogans we now know!

Some have even said that the ME3 ending could tie in with some form of time travel. That the beings of the past can catch glimpses of Shepard's adventure through time and space. While interesting, I feel like that'd be a bit unusual and could potentially affect the chronology of events in ME3. Though it would be cool to see that the strange ending was a result of some decisions made by beings years and years before.

The Gang
The Gang

In any case, the one thing that I feel makes sense in this way, is that the ME3 ending you selected could actually be watched on some kind of monitor. This way, Bioware can keep your ending intact without having to write an entirely different universe around one decision that was forced upon you at the trilogy's conclusion!

So what do you guys think about this 2016 release date and pre-prequel idea? Is it too complicated and timeline shattering? Is the 2016 release date "news" covered with far too much salt? Let us know in the comments!


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