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Martin Luther King would be 86 years old today. The holiday marks his birthday and reminds us of his legacy in the Civil Rights Movements, striving for non violent change and equality for all.

It is fitting that a movie about Dr King would be released in January to commemorate his life and this holiday but what I did not expect was the accuracy and power Selma would have.

Chronicling the activist’s life during 1965, Selma focuses on one of the many issues the Civil Rights Movement faced: equal voting rights. When President Lyndon Johnson wanted to delay the resolution and violence escalated in the south, MLK decided it was time to push on. He arranged a protest, a series of marches from Selma to Montgomery, AL, which were met with disapproval and violence.

In this video review, I discuss in-depth why Selma is not just an important film historically but how it managed to capture the magnitude of entire movement by just showcasing a single event. The intensity of this fight is demonstrated with every attack, the sound crisp and brutally loud, with the perfect emulation of Martin Luther King’s voice (performed by David Oyelowo), and a stellar performance by everyone involved in this movie.

To the general public, it might be understandable why Selma doesn’t have an Oscar nomination in most major categories, since it came out much later than most nominated pictures. But once you see it and understand its relevance, it is infuriating to know that David Oyelowo was not nominated for Best Actor, Ava DuVernay was snubbed for Best Director and it’s not even a runner up for Best Screenplay. In fact, the only nominations the film received was for Best Picture and Best Original Song.

It is shame the Academy won’t recognize amazing artistry but that is not to say the movie has not received great feedback from critics and the public. Currently, Selma is rating an almost never seen 99% in Rotten Tomatoes and it as a 7.7/10 in IMDb. It is an elegant and honest portrayal of this historical time, keeping the faith in the face of adversity and fighting for what is right.


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