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A couple weeks ago, I decided to take a quick look at the movies I was excited, or not so much so, for this year, good old 2015, which you can read here. Thus, it's only fair that now (already nineteen days in, can you believe it it's going by so fast) we take a look at some of the TV shows that are either returning or premiering this year.

Now, one of the shows I'll be talking about has already premiered and it's already pretty freaking awesome. What is it?

Marvel's Agent Carter of course! While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. goes on a ridiculously long hiatus to sync up with the upcoming movie, Marvel decided to create a 7-part miniseries based around the fan-favourite Peggy Carter character. It's set pretty much right after the first Captain America film and so far has little bearing on what's to come in the regular MCU.

Like I said, though, this show is awesome. So far, it's not necessarily serialised, but it feels like the early episodes of AOS when they were going out looking for various Hydra devices. Only, better. The characters of Peggy and Jarvis, Howard Stark's butler, are both amazing and their chemistry on screen is awesome. It's great to see two funny and strong characters constantly collide their contrasting personalities.

This is pretty much an exemplary comic book show. It's fun and there isn't too much tension to have your heart racing on a Tuesday night (we save that for Wednesdays). So far there are only three episodes and it's going to be on break for another week, and I definitely recommend checking it out. You don't really need to know much about the Marvel movies, just about the first Captain America movie and what went down there. I suspect that the big organisation, Leviathan, is going to somehow connect to AOS in some way, but I can't figure out what, yet.

While we're on the subject of new super-hero shows, let's talk about one I'm skeptical about: Daredevil. Premiering on Netflix--so, are we gonna be able to binge watch it or is it going to come out weekly?--it will follow the story of, you guessed, Daredevil as he prowls the streets of New York's Hell's Kitchen to fight for truth and justice in and out of the courtroom.

The reason I'm skeptical is because they haven't given us much to go off of. From what I know, the only big character from the comics that will be in the show is Daredevil. I'm sure Kingpin will end up being the main bad, with Bullseye or something coming in as a secondary villain, but outside of that, I'm not sure who his friends are, or how they will mess around with his origin. I believe they are keeping that one close to what it really is, though, which is good.

Plus, it's Marvel's biggest risk so far as far as TV goes. Carter and S.H.I.E.L.D. both relate to the movies as a whole, as they involve characters from the movies. Here, Daredevil is pretty much completely out of the loop. I suppose one way for them to be able to relate it to the movies is to show some residual fallout from the Battle of New York in The Avengers, but that can only last so long and it sounds like they are really trying to ground Daredevil. I mean, look at his costume. He looks like Zorro without the hat.

While we're on the topic of comic-book TV shows, I guess I'll take here to talk about shows that are returning presumably strong this year. Some of the newbies like the CW's The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine instantly seemed to hit it off with fan-bases, and it's these fan-bases that have been dying for their shows to return off the midseason. The latter two are already back in full-swing with a myriad of Easter Eggs and fun plots while Flash returns tomorrow hot off a mysterious mid-season finale that set up tons of fun things for the remaining episodes.

I also expect big things out of AOS simply because of the new direction they seem to be taking. Since Cap 2 came out last April, this has been the driving force of the main MCU. Yeah, we got Guardians of the Galaxy but that really had little to do with anything in the main plot. Major developments, or, should I say, inhuman developments, are unfolding on the show, and are doing so in a pretty good manner. The first season was alright and then it got really good, and this season has been really good consistently, even introducing a superhero, Mockingbird, into the fold.

The (live-action) show I'm looking forward to most this year? Arrow, no question about it! With a literal cliff-hanger ending that will undoubtedly change the whole dynamic of the show and the super heroes we are sure to see rise from these ashes, it's hard not to be hyped. The Atom has been teased, the true Black Canary has been promised. Arsenal will rise (properly not like in the comics), and maybe even Wildcat will come out of retirement to fight the good fight. Plus, I'm strongly feeling that Mia Dearden will enter the fold simply because the writers of Arrow are also the ones writing the Green Arrow comic right now, and Mia is the most important player outside of the titular hero in the book's run. And a certain Merlyn. I'm even hyped for Season 4 of Arrow, because, honestly, I do want to see where Oliver goes next in the flashbacks, as well as what the new status quo is going to be with the rise of all these super heroes. Mostly I want to watch him learn Russian with Anatoli, that'd be pretty cool.

The final comic book show I'd like to talk about is The Walking Dead, obviously. I'm hyped, yeah, but mostly because Executive Producer Greg Nicotero of the show said that the first episode back (I think it's the first episode back) is the best of the entire series.

Whoa. Talk about high expectations.

It'll just be interesting to see where the group lands next, since they are now looking for their next sanctuary for the season to go to. There was tragedy in the last episode but it was kind of "eh" and was a bit forced, in my opinion.

Another AMC show to be on the look-out for is Better Call Saul, a show I'm guessing is supposed to be funny? That's the vibe I'm getting. Just some kind of low-key, dry humour television to try and fill the gap that Breaking Bad has left over. It's probably the most hyped show of the entire year, and yet most of the main characters from BB aren't even announced to make an appearance. Dang.

Two shows that I think will continue to fly under the radar this year are the CW's The 100 as well as AMC's historical drama, Turn. The latter is based on a spy-ring created during the Revolutionary War, and truth be told, it's an interesting series. I mean, I like that kind of stuff anyway. There's no set release date on it, but if you're into that kind of historical stuff, definitely check it out. Plus, I'm from New York. Gotta watch it.

The 100 is one of the best under the radar shows out there, and maybe even the best. It goes completely against what people would perceive it to be, and maybe what it was even meant to be in the first place. At first it seemed like a lazy version of The Hunger Games that quickly morphed itself into a really interesting Sci-Fi survival story. With all the new factions and secrets being spilled, as well as one heck of a mid-season finale, The 100 has shown time and time again why it needs to be viewed by more people. The characters are dynamic, the situations are harrowing, and there's always tension clinging in the air that makes every scene important. I think the reason it gets downgraded is because it's on the CW, which is known for more of its teenage romance garbage.

Newsflash: Jane the Virgin's leading actress just won a Golden Globe and most media magazines are all over Arrow and The Flash. Reign is often compared to Game of Thrones in how political it is, and Supernatural has been going on for a supernaturally long time.

The CW is a great network if you give it a chance.

Speaking of Sci-Fi, the SyFy network is also going to be doing a mini-series based on the Arthur C. Clarke novel Childhood's End. It's been in development for a long time and it's finally being made, so hop aboard the hype train. There are, seemingly, a few changes to the book but from what it appears they will be minuscule to the overall plot, such as Stormgren not working for a company but is a farmer. How that'll work with the Freedom Fighters I have no idea. But Karellan is going to be played by Charles Dance, so hey, that's cool. If you haven't read the novel yet, give it a go. There's also no premiere date for the miniseries but it's pretty much confirmed to come out some time this year, and I seriously hope it's good. And not like War of the Worlds.

Charles Dance serves as a good segue into my final live-action TV show that I'm excited about, Game of Thrones. With so much being left on and take off the table thanks to the Season 4 finale, it's hard not to look forward to what Season 5 shall bring to us. I won't spoil anything, but the last three episodes of Season 4 are where things got real. Like, you felt like you were getting your skull crushed or you were taking an arrow to the chest!

Too soon?

Finally, you know I can't leave without talking about some anime. Besides Arrow, I am through-the-roof excited for what Fate/Stay Night unlimited blades works has in store for Season 2. I mean, what the heck! We were left with that kind of ending and expected to wait until April to see what happens next?

By the way, FSN and GoT premiere on the same day, how can this be real life.

I really enjoyed the first season, and from what little trailer footage we have, it's clear to see that the second season is going to get way crazy because of Caster and (STUPID FREAKING) Archer.

This next one I'm not so much excited for but curious how they're going to pull it off, and that is Fairy Tail. The first series, in English, is about to wrap up in March. The dub is pretty darn close to catching up with the regularly scheduled show, too, but I'm curious if they're going to change anything up since it's technically a renewed "Series 2" or if they'll just stick to their normal guns and keep releasing the series at a normal pace until they catch up. Perhaps they'll do what they did with Laughing Under the Clouds and release dubbed episodes as the show is going on in Japan. That would be cool, and it would be sweet to finally do that with one of the long running shows.

But yeah, if you couldn't already tell, there is a lot of TV to be excited about this year. Lots of new shows and lots of, well, interesting ones that are worth checking out. Hopefully most of them keep on going, too, that would be pretty cool. So set your DVR, folks, it's gonna be a good one.


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