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This is my first post. I don't have the skill that some may have but I will post my opinion and take any criticism that may come my way. We all know that Bale's batman was amazing. But personally I feel he was missing that umph that made him look like someone you don't wanna run into in an ally or anywhere. I wanted him to look more muscular. Something that Bale even in the suit couldn't pull off. When I first heard Ben Affleck would be putting on the cape and cowl I had my doubts "as did most of us". But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to see him as Batman. I mean he totally has the look (minus the blue eyes and black hair) I mean his face looks like what I'd picture Bruce to look like. Plus he totally pulls of the build you would expect from the Dark Knight (a hero who has trained themselves to lift 1000+ lbs.) that Bale didn't have. I also didn't think about it until I read others posts. He has gotten much better as an actor and he's a huge fan of Batman and a personal friend of Kevin Smith who is the biggest fan of Batman I know of. So I believe he can handle the emotional toll that one would expect Batman/Bruce to have. Anyways that was my defense of Ben Affleck.

Now, the things I think we need to see in BvS in order to make the movie a box office smash.

1) Superman needs to be a badass.

In order to really get the full force of what Supes is capable of, I think we need to see him fight like in Justice League war. I am a full up Batman nerd and would defend him until someone legitimately proves me wrong, then I would go wallow in sadness in my Batcave/bedroom. But after watching Justice League: War, I had a different respect for Superman. The scene where him and Batman first meet is my all time favorite movie scene in forever. The fighting was everything you'd expect a BvS fight to be without kryptonite. Don't believe me? check it out for yourself.

Yeah, that's how I'd expect their first fight to go down. Neither really know the full extent of the others powers and intelligence.

2) Batman needs to know how to fight.

Another problem I had with Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy was that Batman didn't really fight like I had expected. This is a man that knows all forms of fighting and has mastered them as well. I want him to be swift and harsh when he fights.

3) Heroes/Villains

I know a lot of people are upset about the clutter of heroes/villains that are rumored to make an appearance in BvS, and I agree. We need to ease into the whole Justice League thing instead of just throwing them all into one giant pot. But I think having Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aqua Man all in one movie would be a good start. Definitely have some cameos like Cyborg and some others. I want so badly for the final fight to go down like in the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and then BOOM Lex sees the perfect opportunity and sends in his secret weapon, Doomsday and Batman helps Superman up and they start to fight Doomsday and Batman gets wrecked and then it's up to Supes. That would work with the rumor that the Man of Steel dies.

4) We need a scene of people's reactions of Batman.

I would adore a scene where Batman is trying to sneak up on Superman and Supes is like "So you ARE real." without even looking in Batman's direction. Also I would like this (1:14 - 1:42).

5) Nightwing!!

We need to see this!
We need to see this!

I personally think Dick Grayson was the best Robin. And if the rumors are true that Batman and Robin had a falling out then I would love to see Nightwing make an appearance. "But who would play him?" well none other than Steven R. McQueen (a little shout out to a really awesome poster Steven Torres for pointing this out though he isn't the first he definitely had badass ideas for his fancast of Titans the TV show check it out<_source=external,manual )

5) Bat eyes.

last but not least is a thing I have longed to see in a live action Batman movie. You have too and you just don't know it yet. I think we need to see White Batman eyes. Especially if there is a scene where he's hidden in the shadows. I think that would be amazing to see a shadow darker than the actual shadow slowly appear then his eyes open and all you see it white.

Oh yeah.
Oh yeah.


So what do you think? Do you agree with my ideas?


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