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Mafia 3 is more than likely going to be a while away from our Xbox One and PS4 consoles in terms of a release date, but that's not stopping us from getting excited over its announcement from 2K. With the 2K Czech Studio gone, everyone feels as if Hangar 13 are going to be the ones behind the rejuvenation of the much loved franchise.

If this is the case, we may be getting a certain announcement this year - come on E3!! As you may know, the voice actor who played Vito Scaletta in Mafia 2 gave us an intriguing statement on Twitter. Rick Pasqualone stated that we might have some Mafia news soon, he actually said it twice, the second time after someone just asked him if he had a nice Christmas...odd.

Mafia 3 - Joe, Vito and Improved Gameplay

So damn cool if this was real
So damn cool if this was real

First off, congrats to the guy that made this fake image here for Mafia 3. The design is exceptional, the logo is awesome and the gameplay would be astounding if it captured this kind of realism. And the inclusion of the cinema and its great references is just the icing on the cake!

So, the big questions with regards to mafia III, come in the form of its improvements and narrative. If the voice actor for Vito Scaletta was giving out some Mafia hype, then maybe we'll be seeing a continuation of this great character's story. But does that mean we might also see Joe?

Mafia Studio Closes
Mafia Studio Closes

Spoilers ahead for those that haven't finished Mafia II! At the conclusion of this tremendous storyline, we see the car with our great friend Joe drive off in a different direction and the mob boss informs us that we won't have to worry about him any more. We realise that our friend is surely being driven to his grave and the camera glides upwards to give us a final shot of the city.

The question remains though - could Joe have gotten out of the situation on his own? Or do we get the chance to shoot everyone we're in the car with and go save him. Can you imagine that for an opening to a game?! We could then start from the bottom up and attempt top set up our own mafia family or take control over the one we just shot up.

More of this!!
More of this!!

Two interesting avenues that 2K could explore with his character. And if there was one thing that was great about Mafia 2 it was its characters. They were so believable and the story that they were a part of was fascinating and I sincerely couldn't wait to see what else would lie in store in every cut scene. Mafia 3 has got to retain that element in its design - a return to that level of narrative design.

But that's not to say that Mafia 2 was perfect, though while playing it I sure felt like it was. At the end of the day, its map wasn't all that alive and a few of the story missions were a bit repetitive. The town didn't feel alive in terms of things to do and people to see. But boy was that setting well established. The music, the look, the people. They shined through in the cinematics and I'd love to see that happen outside of the narratives parameters.

So what would you guys like to see in Mafia 3? Do you think the story should bring back Joe, or go somewhere completely different? Sound off in the comments fellow gamers!


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