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Hello Hello! If you are like me and rely on Netflix for all your Doctor Who fixes (I mean really, is it healthy to watch a solid 7 episodes in a row?) then surely the news that Doctor Who, along with other BBC shows, were going to have their contracts terminated was heartbreaking.

There does seem to be a lot of uncertainty in the last few days in relation to the future of BBC shows such as 'Luther', 'Torchwood', and 'Top Gear'. These are just a few that join Doctor Who in their possible final last days on Netflix as the contract ends in February. But fear not, there are whispers around the internet that these contracts are being reviewed and updated! So keep your fingers crossed everyone...

The hype and worry about the possible disappearance of Doctor Who from our Netflix screens has got me thinking. If I only had a certain amount of time to watch three of my favorite episodes from each series, what would they be? What makes them so special to me? Well lets see shall we?

Series 1 - Ah, the series to which I was introduced as seven-year-old child! Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor, sometimes I wish we had more of him!

  • Rose - Purely because this has a soft spot in my heart as my first episode. Also my Dad proceeded to scare me further by telling me that at midnight all the plastic toys in my bedroom would come to life and try and kill me just like the mannequins did in this episode. Thanks Dad.
  • The Empty child & The Doctor Dances - Okay okay, I know this isn't one episode, but it is a two-parter. This episode was the first one to really scare me! I mean, gas masks are scary enough as it is without alien healers transforming all of the human race to the same format as a little boy looking for his mummy...
  • The parting of the ways - Just like that, number 9 is gone and we say hello to David Tennant! What an episode, Daleks, BAD WOLF and the Doctor saving Rose, what more could you want?
Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? so was I.

Series 2- David's entry into the show, a super series and Billie's last...

  • Tooth and claw - Queen Vic, ware-wolfs and a full moon. The Queen was not amused. But I was! The Doctor and Rose had great chemistry in this episode!
  • The Girl in the Fireplace - If I hear a ticking noise and its not from my watch I freak out. Emotional episode in the end however, it looked like the Doctor really loved Madam de Pompadour.
  • Doomsday - Ouch. What an episode. I don't think anyone can forget this episode. It is sealed onto our broken hearts forever.

Series 3-

  • Blink - The beginning of the Lonely Assassins and a start to a new nightmare! I just loved Sally Sparrow and the crazy suspense and timey whimey stuff in the episodes. This truly is one of my all time favorites!
  • The Sound of Drums- Does anyone else tap in a rhythmic four beats in random places to see if anyone reacts?
  • The last of the Time Lords - John Simm really did play the Doctor's oldest friend and enemy, the Master, extremely well. Just like the episode he was mad, smart and wonderful all at the same time.

Series 4 - Really hard to pick just 3 episodes!! So i cheated slightly here...

  • Partners in crime - Donna and the Doctor are just a comedy duo in this episode! It may have not been the greatest of stories, but I would just watch it for the laughs.
  • Silence in the library & Forest of the dead - Hello Sweetie! Yes the introduction of the very complicated story of River Song. Just don't step into the shadows... and for god's sake, count them!
  • The End of Time part 1 & 2 - *Sigh* What an amazing and sad departure for David Tennant. Also by bringing the Time Lords back, really gave an exciting feeling to the show, especially if you have watched the classics.
Smart bunch, Time Lords. No dress sense, dreadful hats, but smart. ~ The Doctor

Series 5 - Hello Matt Smith! And welcome to Amy and Rory. I loved this series, despite the Doctor being maybe a little too goofy.

  • Amy's Choice - Am I sleeping or am I awake? - Brilliant concept cause by some psychic pollen. Amy had to choose, who did she want more, The Doctor or Rory?
  • Vincent and the Doctor - Probably one of the more emotional episodes of the series. When Vincent hears how great he is in the eyes of others just makes me cry. Every time.
  • The Pandorica Opens & The Big Bang. - So complicated and mind-bending that I absolutely fell in love with this! Its not every day you have to reset the universe now is it?

Series 6 -

  • The Doctors Wife - Ah I watched this one yesterday! Having the TARDIS inside a human body and being able to talk has to be one of the greatest moments for the Doctor! I always wondered what it would be like, and this fitted perfectly.
  • A Good Man goes to war - Demons run when a good man goes to war... We see a determined side to the Doctor here, a side I liked! All just to save his friends.
  • The Wedding of River Song - I chose this because we always hear 'Time can be rewritten' But we never really got to see the effect off it until this episode where time really does go wobbely and starts to die. This story brought in so many loose ends, that it just fitted nicely for me.

Series 7 - The last of the Ponds, and the last series on Netflix!

  • Asylum of the Daleks - A lot of people dislike this episode, however I disagree, the secret of Clara being introduced here really was kept well! It was a surprising episode for me, and some really nice film work.
  • The Power Three - Ahhhh, I just love this episode, I laughed, I smiled and I just loved how Brian was weaved into the episode.
  • The Angels take Manhattan. - I have no words for this apart from my heart was shattered into tiny little pieces to be torn into smaller ones. It was our farewell to the beloved Ponds and we were given hope, only for it to be taken away again.
You gave me hope, then you took it away. That's enough to make anyone dangerous. God knows what it will do to me. Basically, run! ~ The Doctor, The Doctor's wife.

Well that's my list... What is your's?


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