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With Season 10 going strong, I thought we could talk a bit about the journeys Sam and Dean Winchester have been through.

I had been quite reluctant to start the show because of all the hype, but thankfully my husband decided to just put it on while we were cleaning one day. While I certainly didn't fall instantly in love with the overly tough, brooding and deep-voiced characters, I am a huge fan of anything supernatural. Some of the books I've written rely on those aspects, so it's fun to watch. And since every episode is essentially a monster of the week X-Files soiree, it just float my boat.

But as time went on and characters matured, I saw the massive amount of determination, personality and verve that went into creating every aspect of Sam, Dean, Bobby, Meg, Castiel and Crowley. I might also add that I loved Alistair (the Marlon Brando demon) who changed bodies but not voices.

While the show built its fan base on all things supernatural to begin with, it quickly took a turn to dabbling in the religious. We begin to be introduced to more demons, then angels. Talks of God dying begin cropping up and Castiel takes it upon himself to find his Father.

We get to see battles with the Archangel Michael and Lucifer himself while Castiel tries to maintain a delicate balance between Earth and Heaven. And when Lucifer "dies", a new face comes on scene.


Crowley takes over Hell and is the new king down under. And Castiel finds that God is very dead. So who is the new God? Castiel, of course. But the power quickly goes to his head and instead of making things better, Castiel commits genocide on the angels.

And now we come to the prophets. We are introduced to ancient writings of Metatron (God's scribe) called tablets. There is one to banish demons and close the gates of Hell forever, so Sam and Dean set their sights on it. But in order to decipher the writings, they need a prophet. Obviously, prophets are in high demand once a tablet to close the gates of Heaven also surfaces.


Sam and Dean eventually discover there are three trials in order to close the gates of Hell. Sam takes it upon himself (rather accidentally) to finish the trials. But they take a toll on his body. Eventually, they lead to Metatron himself, who agrees to help. However, it becomes apparent that Metatron would rather help Castiel close Heaven.

The race for closure ends with Castiel losing his grace, Metatron betraying the angels and casting them out in a show of fireworks. And since all the angels knew Castiel was trying to close the gates, they want him dead.

And Metatron. Played by...Booger.
And Metatron. Played by...Booger.

And currently, with Ezekiel trying to repair Sam's body from the inside out and Crowley locked away in their "care", it seems as though things are almost back to where they should be. Except for that pesky Abaddon.

As I grew with the show (which I binge-watched), I began to fall in love with the characters. I'm sure that's the reason why they have such a huge female fan base. I have to say it's quite refreshing to see a team of brothers on a lifelong road trip, without the writers having to revert to the day-old tradition of the sexual tensions rising between the male and female leads. The will-they/won't-they dynamic has become predictable and dry. Supernatural does a great job breaking tat cycle.

While the relationship between Sam and Dean seems to be cyclical (one lying to the other about what's going on, then the other finds out and it's a fight), there is still enough tension built up and new characters introduced to keep it fresh.

I rejoiced when their father returned to help them. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if the Apocalypse was coming or not. I was sad when John Winchester died and angry that he sold his soul to Azazel. I was excited when Castiel came to help the brothers. I am upset every time Sam or Dean won't tell each other what's on their minds. I cried when Bobby died. And I jump for joy when he returns for an episode.

You can feel the love between the characters. You laugh with them; you cry with them. You can't stop watching. And I just hope Season 10 holds up the amazing stigma that's come with being a Supernatural fan. It's a world of its own.

And here are some outtakes from Season 9. Enjoy, my friends.

Aww, thanks, Lucifer!

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