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American Sniper has smashed box office records on its opening weekend, opening with an incredible $90 million, but Clint Eastwood’s latest movie is coming under increasing criticism from some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Controversial filmmaker and social activist, Michael Moore, is no stranger to voicing his opinions, especially when it comes to Americas foreign affairs. He was the first to chip in with his thoughts comparing snipers to 'cowards' and also had a dig at the idea of the US army as 'invaders'. However, he has clarified that the below tweet is in no way relevant to American Sniper the film. His full response to the film can be read HERE on his Facebook page.

Then it was the turn of funny man Seth Rogen, who himself most recently caused a political stir with his his latest film, The Interview, managing to offend the enigmatic North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

He compares Bradley Coopers portrayal of US Navy Seal Chris Kyle to a Nazi propaganda film seen in the last act of Tarantino's 'Inglorious Basterds'. The film titled, “Stolz der Nation (Nation’s Pride)”, shows a German sniper killing 200 soldiers from a clock tower.

The Interview
The Interview

The film has resulted in some racist remarks on twitter from fans, but as always, this is just the minority of those who watch the film. Needless to say, with the success of the film, I'm sure we will be hearing more on the topic as it continues to smash the box office.


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