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This just in, folks. Casting auditions have begun for the CBS series, Supergirl! Everyone who's seen my other articles knows I'm in my ways the biggest nerd girl about Supergirl ever. So knowing that they're doing casting auditions was exciting enough. I reached breaking point when I saw the casting videos. There have even been possibilities of Superman making a cameo appearance with these casting videos. For more on that, check out Kit Simpson Browne's article here. There are two videos in this article. One for a Supergirl audition, and the other is for the foster sister Alexandra Danvers.

Kaleina Cordova. She definitely has some acting experience under her belt, with the movies Aftermath and Fallen Cards, among others. Interestingly, she's also been in a small CollegeHumour part. To me, this means that while she's not too well known, she knows what she's doing. Also, the fact CollegeHumour had her in one of their videos, even as 'bar girl' means she has a sense of humour. To me, this is an essential part of Supergirl. We all know that Kara's blonde and Kaleina is obviously not. However, we also know that in the world of TV, hair colour really doesn't mean anything. And with blonde hair, I can totally see Kaleina Cordova as Supergirl. The part telling 'Alex' about the train? It brought tears to my eyes, and it's just a screentest. This woman has some major skill.


What do you think of Kaleina Cordova?

Next we have Sarah Murray auditioning for the part of Alexandra 'Alex' Danvers. Information indicates that the character of Alex is planned to be a gorgeous, brilliant, science-minded sister of Kara. So...not really your stereotypical nerd. Presumably, Kara would be the foster sister brought into Alex's family.

There honestly doesn't seem to be much to go on in this screentest. Kaleina Cordova's was much more extensive, but then again she is auditioning for the main character. Also, we don't know anything about Alexandra Danvers because she's an original character. Apparently, according to the screentest, she doesn't have powers either. That runs contrary to an earlier article I wrote on the subject here. However, make no mistake there are merits to Sarah Murray's screentest too. Like the fact that she acts out the skeptic perfectly. And the fact that she can act out a certain kind of honed anger at Kara's openness with powers.


How's Sarah Murray's screentest?

All in all, I'm getting extremely excited for this series, most likely set to premiere in fall 2015. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments!



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