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This is the list of videogames that I think that deserve a shot on the big screens or even a TV series!

5- The Wolf Among us

The Wolf Among Us is a video game developed in 2013-2014 by Telltale Games. A spin-off of the Fables comic book series, it chronologically takes place before the comic series in 1986 and is a decision designed game that features very similar gameplay mechanics to Telltale's previous game, The Walking Dead .

The main and playable character of the story is Bigby Wolf, who is sheriff of Fabletown. During this time period Ichabod Crane is deputy mayor; Snow White, who is Crane's secretary, is the game's deuteragonist and Bigby's ally. The story follows Bigby as he investigates a murder, allowing him to interact with many of the well-known fables from the series.

4- Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is an interactive drama created by developer Quantic Dream, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. This is the company's 4th title and their third described as an interactive drama as opposed to a game. The title is written and directed by Quantic Dream's founder and CEO David Cage. Quantic Dream has said the game will be better than their previous title, Heavy Rain. The game is not compatible with the PlayStation Move, however it can be played using either a DualShock controller or a dedicated app for mobile devices, Beyond Touch.

Beyond: Two Souls's events occur in a contemporary American setting and center on Jodie Holmes, a young woman who is psychically tethered to a ghostly entity named Aiden. The game focuses on questions of life and what happens after death. The game follows Jodie and Aiden through eighteen years of Jodie's life, from her childhood up until adulthood, to discover the meaning of Aiden's existence. Jodie Holmes is portrayed by Oscar nominee (Inception, Juno, Hard Candy) Ellen Page, via performance capture. It is almost a movie.

3- The Last of Us

Set in the post-apocalyptic United States, the game tells the story of survivors Joel and Ellie as they work together to survive their westward journey across what remains of the country to find a possible cure for the modern fungal plague that has nearly decimated the entire human race.

Maybe even a TV series would be awesome to see!

2- Infamous

Infamous, stylized as inFAMOUS or inFamous, is an open-world action adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released on 2009, May 26 (North America), May 29 (Europe), June 4 (Australia) and November 5 (Japan), exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system.

The game follows the story of Cole MacGrath, a bike courier turned superhuman after an explosion that leveled several city blocks and killed thousands of lives. Now living in a world of crime and violence, Cole takes up measures in order to survive while utilizing his new-found powers, while also trying to learn more about how and why he got powers.

1- Watch dogs

Watch Dogs (stylized as WATCH_DOGS) is an open world game, taking place in a near-future vision of Chicago, developed by Ubisoft. In it, the players, controlling a character named Aiden Pearce, "have the power to control an entire city's infrastructure via powerful computers that run everything from data records to power lines." The player can gain information about anyone, via Pearce's profiler. The player can meddle with any electrical output that runs on the grid, in ways such as jamming all mobile phone reception in his immediate area, and even shorting out traffic lights to cause a major car accident.

A movie about this game would be something i'd see over and over again.


Which one you would like to see on your screen?


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