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It is official that TNT's Titans, based mostly on the comic book The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez is heading to the pilot stage. Now, a pilot doesn't necessarily mean it will be a television series, but it has a good chance, what with the success of Arrow and The Flash on The CW and Gotham on Fox. DC on TV is becoming a staple, and it is a welcome one. Three characters have already been confirmed as being in the script, Nightwing, Starfire and Raven, so those three are locked in and we will probably start seeing some casting news soon as pilots usually film in the spring. At some point I will be doing a list of 5 characters who should be used as recurring characters, this list will mainly be looking at who could fill the other two or three spots (assuming a five or six man team, which is probably most likely). It should be noted that Cyborg is being left off of this list because he is being used in the Justice League movies and he hasn't been associated with the Titans since the New 52, so I doubt he's going to be considered for this. I know that will break some fans hearts, but don't count on seeing him.


Jericho was created by Wolfman and Perez and made his first appearance in Tales of the Teen Titans #43 in 1984. Jericho, whose real name is Joseph Wilson, is the son of Slade Wilson, better known as the archenemy of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke. It is still up in the air whether or not this will be linked to the Berlantiverse (the Arrow, Flash and Supergirl universe), mostly because Greg Berlanti has no involvement in the Titans television series. It can go either way, but either way there will have to be a Deathstroke in this series in some fashion. Doing Titans without Deathstroke would be like doing Batman with no Joker. It just doesn't work. Some people have said to use Red Hood instead of Deathstroke, and i just don't see that. Red Hood may be morally ambiguous, but he's still a hero and I would hate to see him used as their main villain. However, even if they decide not to use Deathstroke because of his popularity on Arrow, you can still use Jericho and just leave that part out of his backstory. Either way, I think Jericho would be a nice fit on the series. What really makes Jericho interesting is that he's mute. You don't get to see a lot of mute characters on television and I think there could be a lot of interesting things a good writer can do with that.

Kid Flash

Again, there is so much they can do with this character if they connect this to the other DC Comics shows being produced on television, but even if they don't, Kid Flash is one of the big mainstays of the Teen Titans. Since they are leaving the Teen off of the title, it could be very likely that if they did use a speedster character he will most likely be called Impulse instead of Kid Flash, but either way, I want a young speedster on this team. I don't really care if he's Bart Allen or Wally West. Either would be fine, and whichever name they give him he will most likely be an amalgamation between the two anyway. An interesting side note, it has already been confirmed that Bart Allen will be making an appearance on The Flash later this year. The producers have said he will appear in an episode and then leave, that they weren't planning on keeping him around. Makes you wonder if they are going to set up Impulse/Kid Flash in The Flash and then use him for Titans, just like how they introduced Barry on Arrow in season 2. That is just speculation on my part, but if they were going to connect Titans to the other series, and use a Kid Flash character, that would be the way to do it. We'll just have to wait and see.


This one kinda only works if Titans is connected to the other shows. Arsenal is a regular on Arrow and he is going to start becoming a major character, and I just really don't think they would want to have two separate and distinct Roy Harpers running around. I like Arsenal on Arrow, I like the Batman and Robin dynamic they've had this year, and I would like that to continue. That said, Arsenal is another major Titans character, and was a founding member of the original team. It is possible they could make the archer character a girl and use either Arrowette or Artemis, but even in that case I would still like to see this show connected to Arrow. I think the CW's flagship show has big plans for Oliver's sister, Thea, and I think she is going to be a major villain, hopefully they call her Cheshire in her villain form, and I thin Oliver is going to redeem her at the end of the season and bring her on to Team Arrow. If that is the case, I doubt Oliver has two sidekicks and Oliver choosing his devotion to his sister over his loyalty to Roy could be the thing that causes the rift between Roy and Oliver that sends Roy off to join the Titans. Or they could go another way, have Thea leave to find herself and she could end up joining the Titans as Artemis. Either way, it works but the shows have to be connected for either of those scenarios to happen.

Donna Troy

Another founding member of the Teen Titans, as Wonder Girl, Donna Troy is also one of their major characters. She has had many codenames, and to be honest I don't really like any of them and the character is most commonly known just as Donna Troy anyway. If they do use her, I would like to see them do what they did with Jean Grey in the 90s X-Men cartoon and just not use a codename for her. Just call her Donna Troy and be done with it. She is also a perfect Wonder Woman stand-in as she used to be Wonder Woman's teen sidekick and she is also from Paradise Island. Donna Troy can also bring in the love triangle that these superhero television shows always likes to incorporate because Nightwing has dated both Donna Troy and Starfire in the comics and there would be fans on both sides cheering for Nightwing to end up with Donna or Kori (Starfire). If they only go with a five member team, adding a third female could make the show female heavy, but if they go with six one more female would make the team even down the middle. It is very possible that Starfire and Raven will be the only female characters in the series, but if they go for a third, Donna should be that third.


If they use Aqualad at all, I want to see the Jackson Hyde version for two reasons: 1. it adds diversity to the series, which these shows are always trying to do these days and they don't have to change the character's ethnicity to do it, which will make fans happy, and 2. he's a much more interesting character than Garth. I will say, however, that if they do use this character I doubt they call him Aqualad. They will call him Tempest, and that's ok. Even if you're in the majority of people who think Aquaman sucks, Aqualad is already more of a badass character than Aquaman has ever been. Aqualad can manipulate water, something Aquaman himself can't do, and that would be really cool visually. I don't know where the series is going to be set, but if it is set somewhere that has snow in the winter, that makes Aqualad probably the most powerful character in any episodes set in the winter, and he also has an advantage any time they are near water or there is rain. I loved Alan Ritchson's Aquaman on Smallville and I think they could make Aqualad equally badass on Titans, and the more Justice League surrogates they use, the closer Titans gets to actually being a sort of Junior Justice League on television, which, honestly, was what the Teens Titans were created to be in the first place.

Those are my picks for padding out the regular cast of Titans, what do you guys think? Agreements? Disagreements? Anyone you want to see? Let us know in the comments.


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