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Jess Goodwin

Last week, NBC's entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt revealed that Hannibal's third season will premiere this summer, instead of during the spring, as was the previous plan. (That noise you heard on Friday was the cry of thousands of Fannibals.)

I myself couldn't help but feel disappointed, until I realized I now have the perfect excuse to spend my Friday nights at home during the summer. Considering how hot it was last year, I'm thrilled I have the perfect excuse to kick off my summer weekends basking in air conditioning and watching my favorite show without feeling like too much of a homebody.

I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way, which might be good for the series' ratings, which have never been all that great. (By comparison, its lead-in series, Grimm, usually brought in at least double the ratings on the same nights.)

Even if airing Hannibal in new time of year doesn't help boost ratings, it can't hurt to test the waters. Plus, since Grimm will already be done by the time summer rolls around, NBC might decide its time to try out Hannibal in the 9p.m. timeslot. (That is, if the network doesn't reserve it for Aquarius or Heroes: Reborn.)

Friday night plans aside, the news made me wonder whether a summer airing would have any impact on the series' renewal chances. According to Greenblatt, though, it won't:

"Summer doesn't affect the future of the seasons. Deal-wise, it's a great business deal for us, even at a low rating, which is why it's been for as long as it has been."

Bryan Fuller has already revealed he has six seasons of Hannibal outlined, and this line of thinking could bode well for the showrunner's plan. I think there's a good chance we'll be seeing Hannibal through 2018, especially since Greenblatt made it clear he and his peers are big fans of the series, and, as mentioned above, NBC's financial commitment to the show is unusually low.


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