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It's been awhile since we've heard anything about the Suicide Squad film coming out in 2016. Well, there was the news that Tom Hardy, who was set to play Rick Flagg in the film, dropped out. Fans apparently want Jake Gyllenhaal to replace him.

I completely agree! He's ripped!
I completely agree! He's ripped!

But anything so far as plot-wise has been scarce since the movie's release date confirmation. But today, that all changes. There's some new plot details out for [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363)!

...I think. First off, let me say that this is a rumor, and with rumors it's always hit/miss until they're confirmed. The source from where I got this information is Superhero Feed. Specifically a picture they tweeted today, regarding some possible plot details for the film:

Superhero Feed is a good source for superhero news; but like me, they only report the information. If something ends up being wrong or misunderstood, that's just the norm when it comes to rumors. But just because it's a rumor doesn't mean we can't get excited about it! Let's start off by looking at the first still:

So it seems that Harely Quinn and Deadshot don't voluntarily join the team, as expected. But it looks like Harley is stirring up trouble, also expected, so Amanda Waller has Joker put in a cell as a means to blackmail Harley into following her orders.

"Waller has Joker moved to a prison as a means to keep Quinn in check.

I'd be fine with this, if it weren't for the following sentence:

"He sends most of the film in a cell, very much like Hannibal Lecter, until he breaks out in the end.

Yep, Joker's got a "Lecter" role. Basically meaning he'll be in the prison for the entire movie, not escaping until the very end! But even though we won't see a lot of Joker action, we'll possibly still get to see a lot of Joker/Harley moments; if Harley visits him in his cell. I imagine this means that Harley is the main, or at least one of the main focuses of the film as it might focus on her reluctantly following Amanda Waller's orders so she can rescue her "puddin".

It might even be her who let's him out during an apparent riot that happens near the end.

The Demonic Duo.
The Demonic Duo.

Deadshot also gets his own storyline with Captain Boomerang. It seems there's some friction between them because Lawton (Deadshot) killed his father.

"Boomerang is already in the squad and there is a contention between he and Deadshot, Deadshot killed his father."

So Deadshot and Boomerang aren't going to get along very well, causing some conflict within the team and most likely causing the two to fight constantly, a normal theme in team-based films.

Captain Boomerang (left) and Deadshot (right)
Captain Boomerang (left) and Deadshot (right)

So a lot of people theorized that Joker, having never been on the Squad before, wouldn't be joining in the film and instead be the main villain. While Joker is indeed still a villain of the Squad, according to the supposed leaked plot details, it seems he'll be incarcerated for the majority of the film's run time. But the Squad still needs someone to take down right? Well they do—Lex Luthor.

The team is tasked on a mission to prevent "bio weaponry" from being sold to Lex Luthor by a human trafficking gang. The gang is handing over the Enchantress to Luthor who it is implied wants her for magical abilities."

What trafficking gang is this?! A gang capable of kidnapping the Enchantress, a user of deadly magic, can not be a normal gang. I'm sure it'll be a notable DC gang, like H.I.V.E or the Royal Flush Gang.

What really piqued my interests was this line:

They kidnap her and take her back to the prison where she is kept in an underground area, which has all sorts of genetic freaks imprisoned including a King Shark.

Looks like both Joker and the Enchantress won't be a part of the Squad, though Enchantress may join later. But look at the last line. Notice anything?

Yes! I looks like the dreaded King Shark will be making his way to the Suicide Squad film as well! Now it looks like he'll just be a quick cameo, not actually joining the Squad but instead being a nice little easter-egg for fans of the comics. But let's look at a line from the second page really quick.

"The film is being used as a set up for the franchises villains and not only the Suicide Squad. Belle Reve (the prison) is home to many of villains beyond the leads."

So according to that line, the Belle Reve prison will be home to many other notable DC villains and their purpose will be to set up franchises! But does that mean their own franchises? Or just the franchises of the heroes they'll be fighting against? In cases like Joker, I wouldn't be surprised if he got his own film alongside Harley, he has enough star power for people to go see a villain lead film. But for lesser-knowns like King Shark, it's more likely he'll be in the film to set up Aquaman. He likely escapes along with Joker and many other villains and decides to go underwater, leading up to Aquaman in which he'll probably have to stop King Shark from eating a mer-person or something.

Going back to the first picture, apparently the reason Tom Hardy left has been revealed as well. It's because he was going to be the most cliche and predictable plot twist ever.

The twist is his character is revealed as being in league with the villain, Rick Flag Snr at the end.

Yep. Rick Flagg would have been the hidden villain, in a movie that's already villain centric. I would have left too, honestly. Apparently he's working with his villain father to steal the weapons that Amanda Waller has amassed. Now, I don't know much about Rick Flagg; but he's supposed to be the only good guy on the team right? This sudden character morality change plus the lousy cliche stoyline and the fact that Hardy already played a DC villain before (Bane in The Dark Knight Rises) is probably why he decided to exit the film. The source does mention that the film is pending a rewrite, so hopefully they cut that storyline out of the film entirely.

Rick Flagg
Rick Flagg

So just to recap, Joker has a large part but he's incarcerated until the end, where he and a bunch of prisoners escape. A lot of those prisoners are notable DC villains whose purpose is to set up future DC film franchises. Joker is not part of the Squad and Lex is the main villain. And finally, Rick is secretly evil and secretly horribly cliche. All in all, I'm not thoroughly impressed. The plot sounds good and I like how they're setting up both future SS films and future DC films, but it doesn't really seem all that interesting. I suppose once I see it all played out on the screen on front of me, it'll look better. But for now, the whole film looks to be just some big villain meet-up with a lackluster plot and a bunch of side plots to create conflict and a larger running time. I still have faith in this film however, and I'm definitely checking it out when it hits theaters next year!

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