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The year is pretty jam packed with Marvel but next year we will get our other comic book heavy weight coming into the picture. I'm talking about DC and the two giant blockbusters Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman. I know we haven't seen much of these two but we have talks of a trailer for Batman V Superman coming next month and now some big spoilers for Suicide Squad?! MAJOR POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD

According to Latino Review and i know some people might not find the site to be reputable but they've nailed some things in the past. They have apparently came across big details on the Suicide Squad's mission as well as Joker's role in the film. The movie basically starts off with Deashot trying to take out an inmate in Arkham but the hit goes wrong when Harley disrupts trying to break free the Joker. The whole plan goes down and both are captured by Amanda Waller and The Joker as well. They are all taken to Amanda Waller's prison, Harley and Deadshot to join the squad and The Joker to keep Quinn in check. Apparently this is where The Joker spends most of his time is in the prison like Hannibal Lecter, this is something i wrote before HERE so you can check that out! Deadshot and Harley Quinn are introduced to Captain Boomerang and apparently there's a lot of heat between him and Deadshot as he killed Boomerangs father. Through all this though they team up and the Suicide Squad is born but what is this crazy mission they have to go on? The answer lies in one man who we will be seeing in Batman V Superman!

Thats' right you guys apparently they will be tasked with Lex Luthor but not exactly taking him out. Apparently Lex Luthor will be making a deal with some human traffickers to try and obtain a certain powerful being. I'm talking about none other than Enchantress! The reason Lex might be after Enchantress is to try and harvest her power to try and go against Superman to stand a chance. The prison where Enchantress is taken to will also be holding another strong villain in the like of King Shark so that be pretty cool to see and could be part of a future Squad movie.

Theres also one big twist for the movie and that lies in goverment agent Rick Flagg. It's said that Rick Flagg will be a watchdog over Amanda Waller until finally turning on her in the end. The reason being is to take the weapons that Amanda Waller is harvesting in her prison but the real question is why?

The good stuff is that we will see The Joker break out at the end apparently killing many in the process. This will set us up for a future with Batman and The Joker the greatest ying and yang! The rumors might have some flaws but i generally like where this is going and how it will bridge and give a continuation to the DCU. What do you think about these rumors and do you believe them? Let me know in the comments.

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Will this be The Joker and Suicide Squad's role?


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