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Gotham has just been renewed for a second season, and it's no surprise. The award winning show has been extremely well-received, due in no small part to the incredible talents of Robin Lord Taylor as the young Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin.

Robin Lord Taylor
Robin Lord Taylor

Thus far, Penguin has been the central "Batman villain" of the show, and has had some mixed reviews from fans. Physically, many believe that he does not fit the image of the Penguin we know from the comics - being tall and thin, with a less pronounced nose, his appearance has even fueled rumors that he could be the Joker in disguise!


For many, the Penguin of Batman Returns was the ultimate live-action version of the character. Danny DeVito added flippers, a giant prosthetic nose and that signature Burton-esque makeup to become a truly creepy and somewhat unrealistic Cobblepot that gave many a viewer nightmare-fodder. However, this kind of vision for the Penguin just wouldn't fit with the gritty, cop-show style of Gotham. Robin Lord-Taylor is a little more realistic, and in some ways that makes him even creepier.

Can it get creepier than this?
Can it get creepier than this?

Now DeVito has let Access Hollywood know how he feels about this latest incarnation of Oswald.

I've watched the show. I think he's a very good young Penguin. He's a terrific actor.

So that's two thumbs (or should that be flippers?) up for our young mobster! Danny even commented on the possibility of reprising his role or joining the cast as a new character, although he doesn't sound overly optimistic about the possibility.

I don't know about that. Again, it's all about the schedules and the parts and like how the thing is written and what it would be and there are so many particulars

Personally, I wouldn't want to see the Burton-Penguin appear in Gotham, but I would absolutely love to see Danny taking on a different role as a nod to the fans. How about his long-lost father?


Who is the better Penguin?


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