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There it is!

Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 14 presents the ending and a new beginning for Sailor Moon and the Senshi. It was a good episode with the normal ups and downs that we've come to know from the animators and overall, the whole production department behind Crystal.

I tried to write this review earlier, but I honestly didn't even finished watching the episode until late during the weekend. Why? Because I knew it wouldn't surprise me.

Actually, I even read an article that explains how disappointed one big fan of the Sailor Moon universe is at the road the Sailor Moon Crystal has taken. But, anyway, I did watch the episode late Sunday night and I was ok with what I saw, but now whole heartedly.

Let's recap and you can see what I'm talking about if you haven't seen the episode.

At the end of episode 13, Queen Metalia was unleashing her power over Sailor Moon, but not ready to be defeated and using the power of her heart, Usagi upgraded her Moon Wand and reinvigorated the Silver Crystal to fight Metallia.

While Artemis and Luna were in the Moon, Usagi was starting to use her energy to the fullest to finish with this dark forces, and then, this happened.

Cats paws evolved!
Cats paws evolved!

Luna's cat paws did what no other cat has done before and looked pretty weird during that whole sequence. SMC, you keep disappointing me with your odd animation, but I'll let it slide, because I love Sailor Moon, ok?

After praying with Usagi and joining forces, the princess is almost ready to vanquish this strong force of evil, she just needs a little help from her friends, and even when they are... death, in the brink of death or simply fainted, the Senshi send her powers to Sailor Moon and help her bring Metallia to an end.

However, sadly, this scene will never be as emovite and incredible animated as this scene was... I'm going to wait a moment before you guys see the picture, just in case there's some Sailor Moon virgin over here.

When the Sailor Scouts join forces with Sailor Moon to defeat Queen Beryl in the Original Anime, they look awesome and there's so much power in that collage. The music, the animation, the details, all boil a perfect recipe together, something that sadly Crystal does not.

Even the ending of the Sailor Moon R movie does a better job at building this moment up, and in there, they were just deviating an asteroid.

Well, let's move on.

Sailor Moon uses all of her energy to defeat Metallia, and by doing so she explodes the Silver Crystal, in the old Sailor Moon, and as far as I'm concerned in the manga, this means that Sailor Moon dies. But in Crystal, it seems to me that she only... fainted?

Again, I'm not sure about it, and since I'm predisposed to assume that she dies, I was expecting more emotion from Mamoru, even from Luna who is supposed to feel this kind of things.

But, not ready to say goodbye to her lover, Tuxedo Mask steps right into action, however, in the Manga, he does so after the Shitenou, in spirit form, tell him that he has the power to heal people, and that this power can help him bring Sailor Moon to life.

He then kisses her, restores her broach and in an emotive image they both remember their past selves while looking lovingly at each other's eyes.

Sailor Moon asks about the girls, and Tuxedo Mask, with a power he just recently realized he has, managed to find them, but they seem to have died as well, or something. Usagi tries to make as shocked expression, but it's animated so poorly, that I just don't buy it.

Before they can do something or further asses if the Senshi are death, they are called to the moon by Luna and Queen Serenity.

There, Sailor Moon's brooch is restored and she is offered to step in as Queen and live in the Moon, with her revived friends. But she decides she is not ready to that. Sailor Moon tells her mother that she wants to live a normal life a little longer, and that when she is ready she will take steps to be the Queen that the universe deserves.

The Queen then sends Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask to earth, where Usagi encounters her friends, who have magically revived and they embrace under the morning light of the Tokio bay.

Finally, the rest of the episode is as conclusions are supposed to be. Everyone returns to their normal lives and live peacefully, that is until Rei feels something is not right in the universe.

Something wicked this way comes... and it will be here in the next episode. Or, is it already here?

The last scene depicts Usagi and Mamoru rendez-vous in the local park. There, she returns his watch to him, and he returns her napkin to her. Then, they kiss, and while kissing something falls from the sky on top of their heads.

First, a ball falls on top of Mamoru, and then a little girl with pink hair in odango style falls on Usagi's head.

The girls reveals that her name is Usagi Tsukino, and when Usagi replies that she IS Usagi Tsukino, the little girl pulls a gun out and demands that she surrender the Silver Crystal.

End of the episode.

What's happening next?

Well, Sailor Moon seasoned connoisseurs know that this is the beginning of the second arc of Sailor Moon. The Black Moon Arc, and I am extremely happy that we will get to see it animated, but at the same time a little disappointed of the quality of animation, the slow paced story and the lack of character development.

There are moments when I felt like that while reading the manga, but then there were small little scenes that helped discovering the girls and their personalities.

I'm sad that not all of what I expected has happened in Crystal, and disappointed that I expected a little more. For example, the Shitennou. I was so sure they were kept at the end to engage in a epic battle with the Senshi, one that will helped them remember who they were in the past, the loved the shared, but also that forced them to kill the ones they loved because they have a mission and a bigger duty; to protect the princess and protect the Silver Crystal.

That was option A, for option B, I had high hopes that they were kept alive for some of the similar reasons. They would fight the Senshi, but in the end would remember about their past and sacrifice in a more heroic way that what actually happened (remember that awful scene), and then that would pushed the girls to fight harder against Metallia.

I'm sad that SMC didn't took more chances adapting the manga, and that they adjust, removed and added elements that in the end didn't seemed to worked that well. However, call me an addict or a masochist, because I'm planning on keep watching until the end.

This is not over, until is over.

Let's meet up for the next recap on February!


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