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So i never knew this movie even existed until i wanted James Monster Madness it is a show that James Rolfe will pick out 30 movies to review for Halloween for this year this movie was one of them.

I think at some point i have seen this movie before in a store once maybe at FYE For Your Entertainment.

But not sure anyway after watching James review i decided i had to see this movie and see if i would like it as much as he did.

I can say i did but not as much as i would have liked to.

This movie has a good plot the characters are good noting wrong with them.

The only thing that i really don't like about this movie is two things first being i don't think this movie is long enough.

Sure the film director got the story out in 1hr,37m but i just really wished it could had been longer the only good thing it was directed John Carpenter mostly known for Halloween 1978 which by the way is the best Halloween.

I think if this movie was in four parts or even three kind of like Peter Jacksons movies really long but get the story out then i would have liked it more i would think.

Second i don't like the way the movie ended it really doesn't show much as to what happened to the earth.

Yeah it does show what happens to the aliens but it really doesn't live up to its high standers which i think John Carpenter wanted it to.

What i mean by that is the movie is good don't get me wrong but the story really builds up like it should but its one of those endings of a movie where you wish their was more to show.

Third overall the movie is worth a watch but i don't think their was enough action and gory fight scenes with the aliens.

You should give this a watch if you got the time once again the movie is good it has some very funny lines but its not going to be what your might be expecting at least not as much i thought it would be.

I can't really say its worth what amazon wants for it $18.98 i think if it was around $7.99 or at the highest $10.00 then i would say to pick it up.


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