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Do you ever sit on a long car ride and say to yourself, "If I was the Flash, I would have been at Aunt May's HOURS ago!?"

With the back half of the first season of CW's The Flash set for an imminent return to our screens, there's no better time to help you become the Barry Allen himself!

Now, while turning you into the Fastest Man Alive would require a great deal of effort, through the wonders of computers and image manipulation, you can become the Scarlet Speedster-ish.

What you'll need:
- A computer/laptop
- Some room on said computer/laptop's hard drive
- A creative heart
- A determination to become Central City's savior... or not. Whichever works for you.

Ready? Okay, the first thing you'll need is the program Gimp. Gimp is very similar to Photoshop, except it's free. Because I'm aware some people might not be able to afford Adobe's alternative, I have made this entire guide in Gimp. Go ahead and download it from for free!

Done that? Sweet! Now let's dig in...

No. 1: Get a photo of yourself.

Hopefully this is no big deal, snap a photo of yourself in a running pose. Hint: use your camera's timer setting. Your photo should look something like....

Yes, it's an Iron Man jacket. I apologize.
Yes, it's an Iron Man jacket. I apologize.

No. 2: Open your image

Open up Gimp, head to File > Open > [Find your photo]

Once it's open in Gimp, select the lasso tool, select feather edges and turn it up to 50.0

It should be on the left-hand-side of the program
It should be on the left-hand-side of the program

No. 3: Cut a rough outline of yourself

Actually, that's rougher than intended...
Actually, that's rougher than intended...

It's allowed to be as rough as you like, the feathered edges will take care of any issues.

- hold the left-mouse button down and move it in a shape that outlines yourself
- bring the end of the selection back to the starting point of the selection

Now hit Ctrl + C

No. 4: Drop yourself back in

Hit Ctrl + V!

It doesn't look different, does it? Never fear, for the Flash is here!

Go up to your layers in the top right corner. There should be two. Double click on the top one and rename it [This is essential, otherwise it will merge into one layer]

Check it. It reads like poetry?
Check it. It reads like poetry?

No. 5: Now make it BIG!


Right click on the top layer and go down to "Layer to Image Size."

This was a pretty small step.

I think I'll take a break now...

Now that we've got our short coffee break out of the way, let's hit the road again!

No. 6: To blur or not to blur....

Oh, we're smudging?
Oh, we're smudging?

To create the signature blur that comes along with being super speedy, we're actually using the smudge tool, not the blur tool. Select the Smudge tool, size it right up and away you go!

Oh wait, you don't know where to go...

No 7: Taking aim

Preferably not from 5.3 miles away....
Preferably not from 5.3 miles away....

The Flash runs in straight lines generally, so in order to achieve that effect, click once on yourself with the smudge tool (no, do not smudge. If you do, hit (Ctrl + Z). Now hold down shift and move your cursor over to where you look generally like you're running from... and click! If it doesn't look good, hit Ctrl + Z and try again!

And you should get....

Or something similar
Or something similar

Repeat the process on your non-blurred parts...

No, I'm not asking you to censor your private parts
No, I'm not asking you to censor your private parts

You shouldn't even have your private parts out....

OPTIONAL: If you're feeling brave, you can adjust the tail end of the blur to make it look like you took a sharp turn to get in front of the camera...

Photo hog!
Photo hog!

Uh oh... we're missing the lightning! Roll the next step!

No. 8: Grab some pictures off of Google Images

Hint: Search for: "Lightning png" and you should come up with pictures that either have a transparent background or a black background. Transparent is easier, but if the background is black, that's fine. We'll deal with that.

If your image(s) of lightning has/have a transparent background, feel free to skip the next step.

No. 9: Color to Alpha

How are we going to get rid of the background, you ask? Go to Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha. In the color box at the bottom, make the color black. Now click "Ok."

No. 10: Now to make it yellow...

Okay, so now your lightning has a transparent background. So what?

Head up to colors, and hit colorize.

Make sure the settings look like this, then hit "Ok."

Now go ahead and copy/paste your lightning images onto the image of you with the blur and stuff, remember to follow rules of step 4 when adding now lightning bolts.

No. 11: Touching up

Once you have all your lightning bolts on your image, move them around. If you strike an issue, I'm confident that one of these five tools will help you.

In order, they are: Rotation | Scale | Skew | Perspective | Flip

The tools manipulate exactly what they sound like they manipulate. Play around with them until you get the image you want, and if you screw up, Ctrl + Z is always ready and waiting to undo your mistakes...

Speaking of the image you want...


While it's not the best image in the world (I have done better) this will serve as a little training exercise for you, and I'm sure you'll eventually master image manipulation in no time!

Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) returns to Central City with a new hotheaded partner in tow – Mick Rory a.k.a Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell). The duo plan to steal a multi-million dollar painting, but Cold has another agenda while in town – to set a trap for The Flash (Grant Custin). Snart and Mick kidnap someone close to The Flash and threaten to kill them unless The Flash shows up for a battle of fire and ice. Barry tells Joe (Jesse L. Martin) he isn’t sure he should take on Snart again after the casualties that happened the last time they fought. Meanwhile, Barry asks Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) , Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to help him double his training efforts so he’s ready for the Reverse Flash when he returns to Central City. Iris (Candice Patton) deals with the aftermath of Barry’s confession, and Cisco makes the CCPD a new shield.

The Flash is all-new on the CW Tuesday 8/7c for America and CTV for Canada. The Flash has yet to nab himself a premiere date for TV2 in New Zealand, but rest assured Speedsters, he will return very soon!


Do your friends think you're Central City's Scarlet Speedster now?


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