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Jerome Maida

When you talk to comic book legend and Painkiller Jane co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti about the upcoming live-action film starring his "baby", it is clear he is excited.

After two previous attempts to bring Jane to live-action life fell in the "good-but-not-great" category and could not really be considered successes despite decent Hollywood talent attached to both projects, Palmiotti is fully confident - and exuberant - that the third time - and first time on the big screen - will indeed be the charm.

Palmiotti feels this way for two huge reasons.

One is that he has co-written the script, so his pure vision for the character will be on the screen.

The second is that he has picked the "Twisted Twins", Jen and Sylvia Soska, best known for their work on the film "American Mary" to direct the movie.

Palmiotti is pumped, because he feels that the Soskas are uniquely qualified to interpret his character and share his vision.

"We spoke and the obvious thing is that the screenplay is all about two best friends going through something together and we now have directors that are sisters", Palmiotti told me. "If they don't get the bonding part of the story, no one will."

Despite Painkiller Jane being "his" character and that he has a solid vision for the character, Palmiotti says he constantly asks the Soskas for their input.

"We spoke about the tone, the sexuality of the characters and the action, which we both have a lot of ideas about", he told me. "Their take will have more heart and soul right out of the gate. Visually, we all have our ideas and I can tell they are excellent collaborators, which is never easy to find."

"In the end we are all agreeing we want this film to kick major ass on 100 levels", Palmiotti exclaims. "Now all we got to do is cast and make the damn thing!"

"Painkiller Jane" is set to hit theaters in late 2015 or early 2016.


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