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Gary Sinise, who played Detective Mac Taylor for nine years on CSI: NY, has been cast as the possible lead on a planned Criminal Minds spinoff.

The spinoff will be lead by Jack Garrett (Sinise), who is a 20-year veteran of the FBI, as he heads an elite BAU team that deals with cases involving Americans abroad.

Erica Messer, a Criminal Minds showrunner, will also pen the possible spinoff, which will be filmed as a backdoor pilot in February, to air on Criminal Minds sometime this spring.

Sinise has also appeared in Snake Eyes, Ransom, Apollo 13, The Green Mile and since he finished up on CSI: NY, has spent the last year and a half spending time on his humanitarian work for the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Criminal Minds returns to CBS on Wednesday 21st January.

(Source: TVLine)


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