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Now, when it comes to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's fair to say that anticipation levels are running pretty high - especially since the movie isn't actually set to be released for well over a year.

2015, though - while it won't give us the movie itself - looks set to bring an increasingly consistent stream of Batman vs Superman-related awesomeness, with a teaser trailer reportedly set to screen alongside Jupiter Ascending, and its marketing campaign inevitably only just now beginning to get warmed up.

The first dose of that awesomeness? A leaked, and seemingly real, image from the Hong Kong International Licensing Show (as revealed by JoBlo) featuring a noticeably different look at Batman himself...

So, instead of the now iconic - and much memed - 'Sad Batman,' we now look to have a glimpse at something closer to 'Tough Batman.'

Or, if you're being mean - and unforgiving of what looks like a whole lot of camera-distortion - '[Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles](movie:323027) Batman.'

For me, though, while the images of Superman and Wonder Woman seem very much exactly like the ones we've already seen...

...this is still, crucially, a new(ish) image of Batman. From [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

And that's awesome, no matter what way you swing it.

What do you guys think, though?


Happier with this new look at Batman?

Source: JoBlo


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