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After learning that the brand new Walking Dead companion series will take place in the early days of the outbreak, there have been rumors swirling that perhaps a character from the earlier seasons of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) might make a reappearance!

Last week we reported that Season 1 character, Morales, was a possibility for the new series, code-named Cobalt, but today Noah Emmerich a.k.a. Dr. Edwin Jenner of the CDC has expressed his interest at being involved in the project!

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Emmerich to ask about the possibility of him reprising his role, he replied:

There's a lot more there for that character. He was a fascinating character and we only got a little taste of him. It would be really interesting to see what more was there. It's really intriguing.

While Jenner obviously died in the Season 1 finale when the CDC exploded, moments after Rick and the gang escaped, the companion series will begin shortly before the outbreak - meaning there would be around 65 days of possible storyline before his death.

In addition to the character of Dr. Jenner there was also his briefly mentioned wife, Candice Jenner a.k.a. Test Subject 19. Candice Jenner was infected shortly after the outbreak, however her tissue samples were being used by Jenner to try and find a cure.

With AMC still staying tight lipped on most of the details for Cobalt it's impossible to confirm or deny who may or may not be returning in the companion series, though it certainly seems that there are a few potential options, should they choose to reused characters.

Which minor character would you want to see return for the new companion series? Tell me in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook, Screencapped


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