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The '90s were a fantastic time for sitcoms, producing some of the most memorable phrases, catchy theme tunes, and even iconic dance moves that decades later we're still very familiar with.

Lucky for us, the cast of many of our favorite shows obviously loved working together as much as we loved watching them because a lot of them have since had full, or partial, reunions!

Take a look at some of the best reunions from some of our favorite '90s sitcoms, and while you're at it, enjoy their fantastic theme songs!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990 - 1996)

Aside from its awesome intro, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air gave us six seasons of great laughs, crazy shenanigans, and totally suave dance moves as we followed Will Smith in his transition from the rough streets of Philadelphia (where he was up to no good) to the affluent neighborhood of Bel Air. In addition to all of that the series also transformed Will Smith from a semi-famous rapper to the hugely famous actor we all know and love today.

This reunion took place back in December of 2011, with Will Smith, Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karyn Parsons (Hilary), Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) and James Avery (Uncle Phil) all in attendance. Though it appears that Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey), Janet Hubert and Daphne Maxwell Reid (who both played Aunt Vivian) were absent. Unfortunately just two years after this photo was taken James Avery sadly passed away.

Home Improvement (1991 - 1999)

From 1991 all the way to 1999, Home Improvement and the lovable Taylor family dominated TV screens everywhere. For nine years we laughed along with Tim and Al, sympathized with sole female of the house, Jill, and all gained a little more wisdom from listening to neighbor Wilson. When the show ended in 1999 it left a big hole behind, though it still continues to run in syndication all around the world.

Back in 2011 Entertainment Weekly got the principle cast back together for a reunion, including Tim Allen, Patricia Richardson (Jill), Taran Noah Smith (Mark), Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad), Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy), Richard Karn (Al) and Debbe Dunning (Heidi). Many of the cast have continued acting, though our favorite advice giving neighbor Wilson, actor Earl Hindman, sadly died in 2003.

Friends (1994 - 2004)

They were our Friends for 10 years, and I strongly doubt that another TV show has had such an impact on a generation of viewers as Friends did. We obsessed over their fashion and hairstyle choices, followed them through relationship highs and lows, and career changes until after 10 years of friendship they finally left us. Though they didn't really leave us at all, because the show is in such heavy syndication that you're almost guaranteed to be able to watch it in any country in the world!

In August 2014, Jimmy Kimmel managed to get 50% of the cast of Friends back together again for our viewing pleasure, and even replicated part of the set for a skit! Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Courtney Cox (Monica) all got together to reprise their most famous roles, if only for a few minutes!

Full House (1987 - 1995)

There was a character in Full House for everyone, three father figures, three little girls, an aunt, two adorable nephews, and even a cute dog to boot! Full House dominated the ratings for eight seasons and taught us many life lessons along the way. When the show finally came to an end in 1995, the world had fallen in love with the Tanner family, ensuring that 20 years later the show is still much loved by generations of viewers.

In September 2012 the Full House gang, minus Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, got together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show's premiere! Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner), Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), John Stamos (Jesse Katsopolis), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner), Lori Loughlin (Becky Katsopolis), Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone), and Scott Weinger (Steve Hale), all reunited to remind us of our favorite non-traditional, San Francisco dwelling family, and boy are we glad they did!

Boy Meets World (1993 - 2000)

If Full House was maybe a little too female oriented for you, then you may have preferred watching Boy Meets World, following the antics of Cory Matthews as he grew up over the course of 7 seasons. The show was so well loved that 14 years after the original run ended, the Disney channel started airing the sequel to the show [Girl Meets World](series:762950), a sitcom based around Cory's teenage daughter Riley Matthews!

Back in 2013 Rider Strong (Shawn), Danielle Fishel (Topanga), Ben Savage (Cory), Lindsay Ridgeway, Lily Nicksay (both Morgan), Betsy Randle (Amy), William Daniels (George) Will Friedle (Eric), and William Russ (Alan) all gathered for an Entertainment Weekly reunion shoot, showing how much they had all changed since the show finished up in 2000.


Which cast of the '90s TV shows have changed the most?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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