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There are a few moments dotted throughout the Star Wars movies that it's difficult to imagine playing out any differently: the Darth Vader parenting speech, for instance, or the destruction of either Death Star. In the prequels, though, years of debate about their flaws have meant that most of the movies' most iconic moments are still surprisingly open to questioning - and for re-imagining.

One of the most memorable - and quoted - moments of the prequels, though - that confrontation between Anakin and Padme, near the movie's close, in which she finally discovers just how far he has turned to the dark side.

Y'know, the one featuring this classic line...

The thing is, though...

That Scene Almost Went Very Differently...

As in, as an intrepid Redditor Join_You_In_The_Sun recently spotted, the filmmakers original plan was for Padme to have arrived...prepared. As concept artist Ian McCaig reveals...

Yup. That's right. Padme was totally going to try to stab Anakin.

Which might seem like a pretty small change, but it also fundamentally alters the nature of the movie's ending - and allows Padme to end the prequel trilogy much closer to the strong-willed, independent character that she originally was.

Plus, it opens up the possibility that George Lucas could, just possibly, have gone slightly further still with the ending. Like, say, with something along the lines of this suggestion from Redditor Crystalistwo, who suggests that Padme actually stabbing Anakin could have solved a whole other problem with the movie's ending...

Would have even been better if she did stab him. [Anakin says] "Master Obi Wan doesn't understand."
"I understand Anakin." She puts the knife between his ribs. The betrayal causes Anakin to nearly break down crying, the pain of the knife not even registering. "I'm sorry, Ani."
"Padme... You..."
"I believe in the Republic."
In a rage worthy of the Sith, Anakin lashes out, her pregnant body flailing. She comes to a stop against a wall. The floor is cracked from the pressure of the force blast. Droids appear to tend to the medical needs of the two of them. Anakin passes out, his wound being stitched. Padme is tended to.
A hologram is displayed and we can see that the twins are untouched, but Padme's organs are shredded beyond repair. The doctor reports only being able to save the twins...
Say what you will, but it beats the "She lost the will to live nonsense."

And, as a bonus, it would have meant that this particular scene right here...

...would have been a heck of a lot more heartbreaking...

What do you guys think, though?


Would you have preferred to see the alternate, armed-Padme ending?

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