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Despite Disney's ultra-enthusiastic assurances, not every princess has a happy ending. Of course, the bad guy may be beaten, the damsel might be wedded to her chivalric knight in shining armor - but once the credits roll, it's anybody's guess as to the heroine's ultimate fate.

The incredibly talented photographer Dina Goldstein has some pretty dark ideas about the nature of their futures, explored in her awesome but unsettling 'Fallen Princesses' series. I have to warn readers: you might not want to see where your favorite Disney characters ended up...

You can check Goldstein's full body of work HERE.

(Not So) Little Red Riding Hood

It seems the cake never got to her grandmother...

Cinderella Bawls One Out For Herself

Looks like Cindy's gonna be carrying her glass slippers on her stagger home.

Snow White Trash

Though Snow White learned a lot of things from the seven dwarfs, effective birth control wasn't one of them.

The Brothers Get Truly Grimm

They didn't call her Princess '20-a-day' Rapunzel for nothing.

Plastic Beauty

Belle becomes the beast with a bit of nip and tuck.


After giving up paradise for a 'civilized' life, Pocahontas surrounded herself with her only friends: cats.


She just wanted to be part of your (Sea)world!

How awesome would a Disney series of the princesses' older years be?! Let's just hope it wouldn't be as depressing as these pictures suggest.


Which princesses' future is most likely to come true?


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