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As if Forrest Gump, the ultimate coming-of-age '90s classic, wasn't heartbreaking enough, this theory is enough to shattered it into a million tiny little pieces.

According to this article, the theory goes that the kid that Forrest's childhood sweetheart presents to him towards the end of the film wasn't actually his biological son.

Jenny’s character, like many in the '60s and '70s, when the movie was set, was liberal (some might say 'wild') when it came to her social and sexual liberties. Hence, the idea that the child's father may be any one of numerable men was born.

The fact that Jenny dies of an illness, widely speculated online to be AIDS, only gives further credence to the rumor.

The film is as brilliant as it is tragic, and it goes about explaining the concepts of life and death in ways no parent ever could. The theory undoubtedly keeps true to the integrity of the film, but would it make it more real? Or would it be a cheap throwaway twist that leaves a bitter taste in the mouth?

Watch Tom Hanks' first audition for the role of Forrest below:

(Note the lack of Forrest's distinctive Southern drawl - apparently Hanks didn't want to include the slightly dumb-sounding accent that author Winston Groom wrote about in the novel upon which the film is based.)


Was Forrest the father?


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