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Paul Verhoeven's 1997 sci-fi classic, Starship Troopers, was just about the coolest thing a teenage boy could ask for. It had ginormous guns, epic battles with killer bugs and, of course, some truly stunning actresses.

But before we go any further, this is epic scene is required viewing:

Almost 18 years later, the female troopers are still as stunning as ever, proving that age and beauty do not move in opposite directions. Check out how these timeless beauties from the movie look now:

Denise Richards as Lt. Carmen Ibanez

Age Then: 25

Age Now: 43

Fun Fact: Richards has Dutch, English, French-Canadian, German, Irish and Welsh ancestry. Her grandfathers surname was originally Reichert, before it was changed to Richards.

What You might Have Seen Her In: Wild Things, The World is Not Enough, Scary Movie 3.

Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores

Age Then: 28

Age Now: 46

Fun Fact: Meyer was knocked unconscious after suffering a head concussion during a fight scene in the movie.

What You might Have Seen Her In: Saw, Birds of Prey, Star Trek Nemesis.

Amy Smart as Pilot Cadet Stack Lumbreiser

Age Then: 20

Age Now: 38

Fun Fact: Amy Smart was ranked 27th in Stuff magazine's '102 Sexiest Women in the World.'

What You might Have Seen Her In: Crank, Road Trip, The Butterfly Effect.

Ungela Brockman as Corporal Birdie

Age Then: 26

Age Now: 44

Fun Fact: Brockton scored an early role in Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn as a bar dancer, kickstarting her career.

What You might Have Seen Her In: From Dusk Till Dawn, Mystery Men, Out to Sea.

Blake Lindsley as Katrina

Age Then: 23

Age Now: 41

Fun Fact: A talented horse rider, Lindsley won the Los Angeles Horse Show Association Amateur Medal Finals in 2005. A lady of many talents!

What You might Have Seen Her In: The Sessions, Swingers, Mulholland Drive.


Which Trooper has aged the best?


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