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Have you ever been so creeped out by a film that you were left with a bitter resentment for the people who made it? The people who caused you all that anguish, all those sleepless nights?

Understandably so, perhaps. But equally, it can't always be easy for them working in spooky locations with little light and actors in scary costumes. It must be even worse when, for example, actual corpses are lying around; or when the set becomes cursed...

Which is exactly what happens in these 6 spine-tingling true stories from the sets of horror movies.


For those of us who are acquainted with director David Lynch and his work, it will come as no surprise to see his name appear within a list of creepy shit that happened on film sets.

In Eraserhead, the story of loser Henry Spencer, Lynch apparently used a preserved calf fetus to depict the bizarre alien-like 'child' Henry fathers.

Though we can't be sure, as Lynch has vehemently refused to talk about the methods he employed to recreate the thing.

What we do know, though, is that Lynch once cut open a dead cat, placed it in a pit of tar, and left it for a year - all so he could film the scene where Henry’s shoe catches on a cord connected to the cat!


The infamous scene in which this little critter bursts out of a chest has become the key touchstone to illustrate the greatness of this true cult horror classic.

What is a little less known, though, is that artist H.R. Giger purchased real human skulls to design xenomorph's head. Apparently, Giger had no idea they were real skulls until a news story broke in India years later that reported a number of companies that supplied skeletons were being closed down for 'undisclosed' reasons.

Director Dan O'Bannon said the teeth he saw Giger working with very much resembled those of children.

The Omen

The set of the original 1972 The Omen proved to be one of the most cursed movie sets of all time.

The cast and crew involved were plagued with mishaps. First, executive producer Mace Neufeld and actor Gregory Peck were both on planes, separately that is, that were struck by lightning.

The on-set animal handler was eaten alive by lions, and one set location was even bombed by the Irish Republican Army.

The curse even continued while the movie was in the production stage - a special effects artist was in a car crash that decapitated his passenger in a manner similar to a character's death in the movie!


The story surrounding the filming of the 1931 classic Skippy is as equally cruel as it is creepy.

Director Norman Taurag was a stickler for real emotion. So as child star Jackie Cooper was preparing to shoot a particularly heartfelt scene, Taurag had the kid's dog led off set and shot dead just out of Cooper's sight.

Only after filming was finished did Taureg reveal the dog was alive and well.

End Of Evangelion

This violence-soaked and symbolic classic from 1997 had enough creepy scenes to mentally scar somebody for a lifetime.

None more so than when, in his final hours, the male lead has hallucinations of random letters and strange drawings.

Well those drawings, as it happens, were from children who were victims of real abuse. What we see on screen are the fragments of very real, and very private, emotional anguish and pain.

And the letters? They were the death threats sent to director Hideki Anno by disgruntled fans who were unhappy with the director's previous efforts.

Men Behind The Sun

Men Behind The Sun was a film that attempted to portray the deranged human experimentation and systematic torture that occurred in Unit 731 during the Second World War.

Perhaps in an attempt to portray the brutality in an extremely factual manner, director T.F. Mous used the corpse of a small child in a scene depicting the kind of autopsies carried out at the sick Japanese 'research center'.

Mous said:

Yes, it’s true, we used a real corpse of a young boy. We asked the police at a nearby station if they knew of a boy who had died of an accident or fatal disease. We waited for two months and we had no news from the police. Then one day, the police called me and said that they had a body. They said that if I wanted the body of the boy, we had to collect it in less than an hour.

The boy had apparently died of exposure and his parents gave permission for the corpse to be used in the film.


Which story was the creepiest?


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