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It's been 20 years since Mel Gibson daubed his face in paint and ran around Britain, ahistorically knocking off the dastardly English with stirring speeches and big pointy sticks.

A lot has changed in twenty years - especially for Gibson - but let's take a modern look at the principle cast of that one movie which made you proud to be Scottish (despite the fact you're not Scottish).

Mel Gibson - William Wallace

Fun Fact: On receiving the script, Gibson wanted to direct, but felt he was too old to play William Wallace, who was supposed to be in his 20s. However, the studio only agreed to finance the movie if Gibson took the lead. Eventually, Gibson offered the role of director to Terry Gilliam, but he turned it down.

What Else Can I See Him In? I know I don't really need to tell you, but since 1995 Gibson's career continued to grow, although he may have fallen on harder times more recently - mostly due to his statements and behavior off screen. Since Braveheart, he directed The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto, while on camera he took his English-killing tendency to the New World in 2000's The Patriot. Other film roles include Dr. Gibbon in The Singing Detective, Rev. Graham Hess in Signs and most recently Stonebanks in The Expendables 3.

Angus MacFadyen - Robert The Bruce

Fun Fact: In a movie laden with historical inaccuracies, it has been claimed MacFadyen's portrayal of Robert The Bruce was the most accurate, especially in showing his wavering loyalty and resolve. Unfortunately, many Scots were offended by Robert The Bruce's character in Braveheart, as he is hailed as an important national hero of Scotland.

What Else Can I See Him In? Following Bravehart, MacFadyen has been in a lot, including roles in Equilibrium, Saw III and We Bought a Zoo. He's also appeared in several television series, such as Chuck, Californication and most recently, The Pinkertons.

Catherine McCormack - Murron

Fun Fact: William Wallace's actual wife was named Marian, however her name was altered for Braveheart so as to avoid confusion with the Robin Hood character of the same name.

What Else Can I See Her In? McCormack's role as Murron was one of her first major roles, and since then she has appeared in dozens of movies, although you're unlikely to have seen most of them. Her film credits include titles such as Shadow of the Vampire and The Sound of Thunder, while her most prominent post-Braveheart role is probably as Alice in 28 Weeks Later.

Patrick McGoohan - King Edward I

Fun Fact: Braveheart did correctly use King Edward I's nickname of Longshanks. He received the name because at just over 6ft 2 inches, he was unusually tall for the period.

What Else Can I See Him In? McGoohan died in 2009, and following Braveheart only appeared in a few films, most notably A Time to Kill. However, McGoohan left behind a prolific career, especially on British television and stage. He appeared in such classic British series' as The Prisoner and Secret Agent, while he was also a long term contributor to Colombo.

Brendan Gleeson - Hamish

Fun Fact: Although playing a big hairy Scottish guy, Brendan Gleeson is actually a big hairy Irish guy. This was a theme which featured a lot in Braveheart. In fact, Angus McFadyen was one of the few Scots to actually play a Scottish character.

What Else Can I See Him In? Gleeson has had an incredible career following Braveheart, appearing in brilliant dark comedies such as In Bruges, The Guard and Calgary, as well as well-known films such as 28 Days Later, Gangs of New York and Troy. He also played the role of Professor Alastor 'MadEye' Moddy in the Harry Potter franchise, while most recently you may have seen him in Edge of Tomorrow. This guy is going to win an Oscar someday. You heard it here first.

David O'Hara - Stephen

Fun Fact: Ironically, the one Irish character in the movie, Stephen, is actually played by Scottish actor, David O'Hara.

What Else Have I Seen Him In? Since appearing in Braveheart, O'Hara has moved onto other critically acclaimed films, including playing David in Hotel Rwanda and the slightly deranged Fitzy in The Departed. More recently he played Albert Runcorn in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, as well as Jim Church in Contraband.

Sophie Marceau - Princess Isabella

Fun Fact: Apparently Mel Gibson was quite the joker on set. One of his pranks involved telling everyone that Sophie Marceau was the daughter of famous French mime Marcel Marceau. She isn't.

What Else Can I See Her In? As you can expect, Marceau has appeared in a lot of movies in her native France, but you're most likely to recognize her as Bond girl, Elektra King, in 1999's The World Is Not Enough.


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