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The Witcher 3 , as we're all well aware, has joined the long list of all those titles that have been intimidated by their own release date. The Xbox One, PS4 and PC title has been pushed back to May 19th, 2015. Upon hearing this news, I thought that everything would be okay, as February could be my Bloodborne month. And then that got kicked into March and...well, maybe Evolve will be amazing?

In any case, for many, The WItcher 3: Wild Hunt looks like it'll be the greatest title of 2015. With its enormous world for us to explore, some great characters and a studio that's dedicated towards good content and scale, we're all terribly excited for this dark RPG. But there's one thing that's going to finally get all of those Android lovers on the Ciri train (yes, I know it's spelled with an 's' but role with me here!), yep it's...well...Ciri!

Ciri in The Witcher 3
Ciri in The Witcher 3

Ciri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Following CD Projekt RED's announcement that we'd be playing as the intriguing character, a lot of people were wondering whether she is a possible protagonist that we can select from the outset of the title. Unfortunately that's not the case. I've seen some gamers despair over this tease as they find Geralt (or Gereald as some people have called him...hmm) to be a rather boring character. Hard to take you seriously when you spell it so bad mate, but no matter!

It would have been great to play as her from the beginning, but then The Witcher is a trilogy now that follows the story of one man. So having her take over the plot would have meant that the campaign would have to have been rewritten. While not exactly something we can see happening, perhaps she could get her own game eventually as the powers that she possesses are truly awesome!

Amazing Ciri Cosplay
Amazing Ciri Cosplay

With the ability to blink and actually travel to different worlds at whim, this girl seems to be a fascinating individual. I may actually despair at the conclusion following the short sections that allow for us to play as her! It's great to see CD Projekt RED willing to mix up the combat to such a degree.

They're going to have to balance the two characters quite well so that we don't feel like we're missing out in terms of Geralt's abilities. What do you guys think of her inclusion in The Witcher 3? Are you excited to dive into this world once more? And most importantly, have Android users been warmed up to the idea of Ciri? I'm really milking it at this stage... Sound off in the comments gamers, and sure, let us know what you're in the middle of playing! I'm almost finished The Swapper and my mind is blown.


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