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What would have happened if Sleeping Beauty hadn't been kissed in time by her Prince Charming? Where would Cinderella be without her Fairy God Mother's magic dust? Would Mulan survive in modern day China?

The question is: Would everything end with a happy ending in the real world?

New York-based animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong has peeled back the layers of 'make believe' and has re-imagined what it would be like if our most-loved characters were exposed to the sad reality of our cruel, cruel world.

Check out his amazing images and prepare to have your Disney hopes and dreams shattered!

So what would happen? Well...

Pocahontas would own a casino

What a 'sell-out'...

Simba would be placed in a zoo exhibit

And clearly would have regressed into his youth too....

Mulan would have to wear a face mask

China is one of the world's most polluted countries, y'know!

Tarzan would have to adapt to the chaos of the concrete jungle

I would be terrified too if I had to take a jam-packed subway to work everyday.

The Dearly couple wouldn't be able to keep all those dalmatians

Off to the dog kennels they would go!

Looking for his mother, Bambi would be shot by the hunter

Bambi would become an unfortunate victim of taxidermy...

Alice would develop a dangerous addiction

She shouldn't have drunk all those potions, should she?

Esmeralda would have to aimlessly wander the streets of Paris

With her trusty pipe-smoking goat on her head, naturally.

Cinderella would be abandoned on the streets

Even the mice wouldn't be able to help her now!

An oil-spill would wash up Ariel on the shore

... And Flounder would probably be made into sushi. Oops!

I'm sure you will agree that these alternative endings are really brutal...

I am so glad that Disney didn't chose to give our favorite characters such sad endings. If they had, I think our childhoods and daily lives would have turned out very, very differently and considerably WAY more depressing!


Would you like to see Disney remake these tragic scenarios?


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