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Us Vampire Diaries fans might be desperate to see Delena to finally get going again, but the one thing the fandom might just care more about is Bonnie's return.

The lovable witch has been undergoing some serious personality development while she been imprisoned in 1994 and most of us can't wait to greet the more cunning, more badass Bonnie who is going to return to Mystic Falls.

I have a feeling that this self-sacrificing witch won't be a doormat anymore, and luckily we don't have to wait too much longer to see it.

Julie Plec spoke out to TV Line and teased that the very latest we will be seeing Bonnie back in her natural habitat is episode 15. [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) big boss explained that:

We can expect it by the end of the run of this next chapter, which is approximately Episodes 11 to 15. It changes her forever. She’s been to hell and back, so to speak, and she’s had to do a lot of it on her own. Anyone who goes through an experience that isolating and that lonely isn’t going to come back ready to dive back into their old life

Poor Bonnie! As if she hasn't gone through enough already!

Fans of Bonnie and Damon's beautiful friendship can take heart though, Plec also teased that Damon might just be the person who can help sooth Bonnie after her terrifying ordeal. She told the press that:

We’ll see her try to find her way and heal herself. We’ll see if her friendship with Damon is true, and if he’s someone who can help her heal

How he might heal her remains to be seen, but I know what some of you guys are shipping!


Are you looking forward to seeing how Bonnie has changed?

(Source: TV Line)


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