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I hope you're all super excited for the release of global phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey. Since the book was published in 2011, the erotic story of the relationship between the shy Anastasia Steele and the enigmatic sex-god Christian Grey has let our imaginations run WILD!

With the premiere fast approaching, check out these new TV spots for a little re-cap of what all the fuss is about. Here is a quick breakdown!

So, it all begins like this:

Literature graduate Anastasia is sent to interview successful multi-millionaire Christian Grey. Awkwardly she stumbles through a series of questions about his personal life.

Even though she thinks the meeting was a disaster, she secretly agrees with her friend that he is "ridiculously hot." I mean c'mon, look at this chiseled face...

Following more probing from her (clearly slightly jealous) friend and few too many cocktails on a night out, she wakes up in Christian's bed and they begin a series of naughty encounters.

... Mostly involving BDSM, because you know, Christian is REALLY into that. He even has a kinky play-den with tons of sex gear.

So they have a lot of hot sweaty sex.

And some more.

Meanwhile, Ana stalls signing his illicit contract... but because he thinks she's pretty great he still buys her a bunch of stuff like a car and lots of dresses, all in return for being his sexy minx sex slave.

But can everything ever be so simple? Oh no no no! Although she really wants him, Anna is still really unsure. In particular, she is torn up with whether the two can be compatible and if she can handle his desire for "control."

Meanwhile, Christian also continues to battle his personal demons...

Well, I'm not going to give away the ending for those of you who haven't read the book but the movie looks to be an action-packed roller-coaster ride of emotions and sexual tension. I can't wait!

Fifty Shades of Grey will be in cinemas this February 13. Have you guys got your tickets yet?


Are you excited for the movie?


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