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As if we needed another excuse to think back to Valve's seminal first-person-shooter (FPS) Half-Life with a wistful look in our eyes and the purest of love in our hearts. Half-Life was my first foray into keyboard and mouse gameplay and I haven't looked back since! Until then it had been all joysticks and Championship Manager...

In 1998, upon Half-Life's release, the game was showered in plaudits and even managed to change the face of FPS' forever. So it comes as no surprise that homages would be made in honor of this incredible game, and one homage is literally so awesome, it has changed the face of the groundbreaking game itself!

Half-Life - Isometric

Imgur user gzaloprgm has transformed Black Mesa into an isometric wonderland in the upcoming images, turning the game into something reminiscent of the Atari ST's Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters, which was a great and frustrating game from 1990. The video is a bit long, coming in at around thirteen minutes, so skip and catch the drift.

via JimPlaysGames

If someone was to release a isometric mod of Half-Life to tide over the pain of the lack of Half-Life 3, I'd be a very happy man. Until then, here is gzaloprgm's wonderful artwork!

These images were created with the HalfMapper program, which allows real time rendering of Black Mesa.

My word, I literally would play this game until my PC turned to dust. This has managed to bring back some sweet memories, so much so I think I'm gonna dig up and dust off my old copy of the majesty that is Half-Life!

If you liked what you saw, feel free to check out more of gzaloprgm's isometric reimaginings right here.

(Source: gzaloprgm via imgur, JimPlaysGames via YouTube)


How badly do you want to play Half-Life right now?


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