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As I reported last year, World War Z is indeed getting a sequel with Juan Antonio Baya (Impossible, The Orphanage and Deconstruyendo 'Déjame entrar') most likely directing and Steven Knight (Locke, Hummingbird and Eastern Promises) working on the screenplay. It's hardly surprising that a sequel has been commissioned as the film made half a billion dollars at the box office, even with the majority of critics panning it!

Screenwriter Steven Knight
Screenwriter Steven Knight

In an interesting development, Knight has shed some light on the upcoming project, which is still in the treatment phase. He has said that they are starting with a 'clean slate'.

"I thought, why not? What fun, it’s not quite like the other. We're starting with a clean slate. When [the studio and Brad Pitt's Plan B production company] have signed off, we're on!"

So what does this mean for the future of the franchise?

Wouldn't it be amazing if were set to get a new anthology series, something that Empire has already touted to happen! In the vein of FX's American Horror Story, wouldn't it be amazing to see each film be the smaller piece of a bigger puzzle. Portraying the effects of the outbreak on different cultures and countries (Yes, I know Pitt does travel around the globe in the first movie, but you get my drift!). Will the sequel move its focus to an entirely new cast, and leave Brad Pitt to produce the film rather than star in it. Something that may attract him due to the hassle, mainly financially, with the original project.

Or... is Steven Knight telling us that this is more or less a reboot, and to discard the previous film entirely? Something that is becoming increasingly popular in Hollywood. Personally I would love the idea of an anthology series, especially on the big screen, but only time will tell!


What would you rather?


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