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Minecraft has been on the go for quite some time now...

In 2009, this guy Markus Persson quits his job at an established games developer and creates his own game (with some inspiration of course)

The original idea wasn't as fully featured as the Minecraft that we all play today, but "Cave Game" was created from the same DNA. Basically, you are in a 3D world.

Here is a clip of the game below:

Once this stage was complete, on came the stages of adding multiplayer and a survival mode, so that everyone could play together and have a sense of danger... (to read more of the first bits and history, click here)

Moving On:

So, it's a game about breaking and placing blocks, right? Build a shelter to hide from monsters, kill animals to gather materials ... survival. There are many themes, items, and characters too!

Clearly, as the years went by, people and players have worked together and created some pretty awesome and imaginative things in the game...

and honestly I only started to play it a couple months ago - brother introduced me... BUT, if the game had to have been designed in this format, I think I would have been addicted and would play it non stop.


- freaking awesome.
- freaking awesome.


almost reminds me of E.T!
almost reminds me of E.T!


I like him.
I like him.

Traditional Zombie:

of course.
of course.

Spider Jockey:

I like the spider's eyes.
I like the spider's eyes.

I think this artist, has done a pretty sick job at imaging these "creeps" like this.

Check out more Dmitry’s art - here !!

Do you agree?


Which one is your favorite?


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