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Okay,, I know a lot of you are probably getting tired of this Disney Princess stuff - but related to my other articles, I managed to find a few more Zombie Princesses to go with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella ones.

Might I add, Rapunzel must be leading some kind of killing team, she is featured in every sketch with her frying pan!

I would love to see more of these! Rob Carlos does an amazing job with the following characters:

Princess Belle



Snow White

Sleeping Beauty

** Rapunzel is in the window, bottom right corner with Belle **

... so maybe Rapunzel is the reason why they have all turned? She could have gotten a spell placed on various objects own by the princesses, so that she could overpower and take over the land!

The needle?

The apple?

The lamp?

Hmmm, my brain hurts.

Check out more of Rob's art here: website , facebook

Source of the title image: Matt Rhodes

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