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With the announcement of Dreamwork's PDI studios closing it doors and ADAPT dropping their efforts to challenge film subsidies, VFX and animation studios will continue to see their films making millions of dollars without seeing a profit. How can this be? In an age where a film with a lot of special effects and animations can make close to a billion dollars worldwide, why are the VFX houses losing money? The main issue are subsidies that governments give out to production studios and film distributors to build new studios in their countries and then move on to the next subsidy. Cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Why are so many VFX companies (an animation) going out of business?

There were failing studios before this but the most famous was Rhythm & Hues. Rhythm & Hues was a powerhouse of VFX. They are credited for a lot of films. Alvin and the Chipmunks, Babe, Xmen, The incredible Hulk, and the movie that broke the studio's back: Life of Pi. The irony is that the studio won an academy award for the film,11 days after the studio filed for bankruptcy. So how did this all happen? Check out the short documentary Life after Pi. Its a 30 min short film so grab some popcorn and get comfy. Also get some tissues its a tearjerker.

For those who didn't have time to watch the whole film.

Here's the short version of what is going on:

So why should I care as long as I get to watch my movies and awesome effects?

Imagine for a second, if artists were treated fairly and studios were able to pay their employees well. Making a win win situation for the big studios and the small. The films we are getting now are from studios that are unable to pay for overtime and having do deal with a fix bit. Artists are having to move around for jobs and leaving their families. Imagine if that changed and studios were able to do away with a fix bit mentally. The quality of films will increase dramatically. We already seen films that blew our minds as to the quality and that is with a Hollywood that is struggling to pay their artists. Just imagine the amazing movies, we as fans, would get that were made in a fair and healthy Hollywood.

How can I help? I want to make sure that the artists are treated well and be able to make the movies they love to make!

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