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The Flash is by far one of the most popular shows this year and its easy to see why! The over-the-top superpowers, the amazing comic-like storyline, and the vibrant and interesting characters...especially one character:

And I do mean ONE character...who could be SEVERAL characters.

Now, its not hard to see that even from episode one of the show that Wells has some secrets and they are pretty big. For one, he is Reverse Flash (probably not the only one...but thats a theory for another day) but I'm here to claim that he has another secret, that he is Barry Allen!

Now don't click away just yet, hear me out here.

For starters...the characters of Barry Allen and Harrison Wells look a lot alike. Even their overall structure is pretty similar. But that should be pretty obvious, you guys probably want evidence from the show...

Well, lets talk about Nora Allens death and this comic:

Image is from the animated movie...not comic.
Image is from the animated movie...not comic.

Now if you don't know, in this storyline, Barry uses his powers to go back in time and save his mother from being murdered but he ends up changing his future and has to go back in time and STOP himself from saving his mother.

See what I'm getting at yet? No? Remember the big reveal that the night Barry's mother died there was both a yellow and red streak? Thats the key! The red streak is our Red Flash Barry Allen who is trying to save his mother, while the yellow streak is Wells (or future Barry Allen) trying to stop himself from saving his mother and creating a time paradox that changes...a lot...specifically this:

Here, some "Crisis" happens and Barry probably goes back in time to save his mother. Wells (again...future Barry) wants this newspaper to be correct so that the day will come when he has to go back in time and stop himself from saving his mother.

Lets also look at how Wells seems to be prepping for some event, with the fact that he stole the tachyon field machine and applied it to his Reverse Flash suit...upgrading it.

And lets not forget that Wells says that his "Greatest creation is The Flash."

Anyway...thanks for reading guys! Don't forget to vote in the poll on what you think!


Could Wells be Barry Allen?


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