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If you're like me, you actually can't wait for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158). Well, images from this Star Wars art challenge brought to you by Brainstorm may at least do a tiny bit to quell your appetite for new content from the epic and historical franchise.

These are re-imaginings of a few characters from the dark side (specifically stormtroopers and/or Darth Vader) and they're pretty good -- however, I wanted to note that the original versions are already great and potentially better in my opinion. Darth Vader is scary not because of how intimidating he looks, necessarily, but by the innate evil within him. And I just don't see how you can mess with the stormtroopers. They are already so iconic.

Regardless, this is a cool idea. Enjoy!

Super Creepy Vader by Joshua Cairos

This is pretty freakin' awesome. That breathing device looks super complex --Darth Vader has a more futuristic touch here than in the actual franchise. I like how there is a human feel to him, where the top half of his head is visible, but he's still protected heavily.

Andres Parada gives us Vader covered in tubes

It looks like Vader could go scuba diving in this outfit and easily be able to breathe. This is a very cool, albeit alien-esque look to Darth Vader that would completely change the look and feel of the movies.

Barbu Harsan gives us his re-imagining

I really like this one. Both Darth Vader AND the stormtroopers look very un-human here, though. I'm noticing the more I look at these that it's very easy to push towards an alien look. The original keeps them futuristic, space-agey, cool-looking, but also human. It's interesting to see how fan artists tinker with that.

Julio Bencid gives us a couple stormtroopers

Once again, the one to the left kind of has an alien look. To the right, we have a slightly bulkier version of a stormtrooper - both variations are really unique and manage to keep the same essential look with some tweaks.

André-Lang Huynh depicts Vader's head

At this point, I feel like I've really hammered home this point about the alien-type features of some of these, but this one specifically really doesn't deviate from the rest. I will say, though, that this one could work the best as far as making Vader a bit creepier but still somewhat true to form.

Emrah Elmasli straight up makes Darth Vader a Transformer

Obviously, for logistical reasons, this would never work. But I like that the artist, Masli, went ahead and made something new. Check out the size of that light saber!

Tom Long provides Halo-influenced stormtrooper depiction

There has to be a [Halo](movie:559680) influence here. I think this version of the stormtroopers could play.

Veli Nyström‎ gives us extremely brutish Darth Vader

This is super awesome. The mixture of the light saber and a gigantic Excalibur-type sword is very legit. Vader, himself, is massive and way more formidable. I would enjoy seeing whatever movie featured this version of Vader, regardless of whether it even really made that much sense.

Meanwhile, the original Darth Vader has a message to all these new Vaders and stormtroopers

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