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Everybody likes being reminded that celebrities are just like us, and there's no better form of that schadenfreude than photos of the rich and famous before any of the glitz and glamor.

My thought process usually goes something like, "Well, I could certainly look this way too if I had a trainer and chef on hand at all times." Luckily, some yearbook photos and nostalgic candids manage to reinforce this delusion. If anything, this collection of celebrities before they got famous is further proof that there's hope for all of us.

See if you can guess these famous faces based on their childhood portraits!

Almost an Adolescent

She's got a pair of famous parents, but this actress has made a name for herself in her own right since her days as a grinning toddler.

This is famous blonde (and daughter of Goldie Hawn) Kate Hudson!

A Little Lost

Not the best quality, but this is a yearbook photo that the whole world needs to see. This actress of TV and film has left the curls behind since her high school days.

That's Evangeline Lilly of Lost and The Hobbit fame! Talk about a turnaround.

Black, White, and Grey

This dapper young lad went on to play some of the most iconic characters in movie history. But, can you recognize him as a dashing gentleman in his twenties?

This is none other than Sir Ian McKellan, who you may recognize from his little-known, teeny tiny roles as Gandalf the Grey and Magneto.

Who's This Hippie?

His onscreen self would be none too happy about that facial hair and those unruly locks.

That's Stephen Colbert before the popularity of his straight-laced, willfully ignorant alter ego.

Lost in Graduation

Dressed to the nines for school picture day, this goofball has gone on to be one of the most beloved actors of his generation.

This is legendary comedian BILL MURRAY who can be found most recently photobombing your pictures and stealing your french fries.

Siouxsie Sioux?

This daytime TV host sure sports a VERY different look these days. I've gotta say, though, it's kind of refreshing to see her in a such a drastic look for a change.

This is Kelly Ripa before meeting Regis and winning the hearts of Americans everywhere. Proving once again that even the rich and famous had their goth phases!

Who knew these two were friends?

Looking like the quintessential Delia's ad from 1998.

That's celeb duo 16-year-old Jessica Biel and 14-year-old Scarlett Johansson taking us through the many popular hair styles of the nineties.

The Shirtless Horseman

You may have seen this one before, but it remains one of the most bafflingly awesome celebrity photos of all time. This image just does not make sense with how I see reality, and I'm totally okay with that.

That's Christopher Walken doing his best Blue Steel.

Edward Scissorhands?

Despite the undeniable resemblance, I promise this movie star is not Eminem.

Believe it or not, that's Winona Ryder! The actress has said that she was horribly bullied for her appearance during her childhood, leading her to drop out and be home schooled.

Good Morning Homeroom

This high school grad appears serious, studious, and mild-mannered, qualities that are the exact opposite of his legacy today.

This is funny man and all-around amazing actor, Robin Williams, before he entertained the world with his wacky antics and spot-on voices.

Story of His Life

I almost did not include this one, but this could quite possibly be the most adorable baby photo of all time. This kid does not look real. He looks like the Gerber baby and the Sun from Teletubbies somehow combined to make the cutest toddler ever.

This little guy is HARRY STYLES, singer in the boy band One Direction!

Big Eyes

She may have changed her hair color, but this screen star still has those telltale eyes.

That's Oscar-nominated actress (SO happy I can now give her that distinction) Emma Stone before she opted for red hair.

So, how did you fare at guessing these celebs? Are there any examples that you still can't believe?


If you ever became famous, would you worry about your childhood photos ending up online?


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