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Chimene Samson

Hello. I’m a tourism student doing my final year (yay!!) and I’m in the process of writing my dissertation.

The expansion and popularity of fear tourism focussing on horror events such as Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Welcome to my nightmare, I think you’re going to like it.

Fear tourism, a branch of dark tourism that involves tourists travelling to theatrical horror events that aim to scare guests is a key area which could definitely be researched and expanded upon.

Throughout the dissertation I wish to find out what qualities these horror events need to possess to become a successful reoccurring event. I also want to know if these events can be used to save failing sites such as manor houses, castles, battlefields and warehouses that are losing customers or have been abandoned.

I also want to know if the main draw to Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Night is the fact that they use a mixture of popular horror movies and TV shows (The Walking Dead) in their scare zones and mazes.

I have two surveys that will help prove or disprove these theories. If anyone would be kind enough to take a few minutes and fill in the surveys I would be forever grateful. Thank you.


Fear tourism:

Halloween horror nights:


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