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After catching up with the latest Sailor Moon Crystal episodes, I wondered what the series would be like as a fantasy-style RPG. It has all the essential elements at its core for a decent role-playing game if you think about it: a quirky yet tenacious heroine to drive the narrative, a supporting party all with their own unique personalities and abilities, and self-indulgent villains with a flair for theatrics. Oh, and magic of course!

It only seems natural that Sailor Moon would easily, and awesomely, translate to a high fantasy setting. Luckily, Australian born Illustrator and animator Sasha Mutch did just that and the resulting fusion of her unique art style with Sailor Moon and fantasy RPG character tropes turned out to be way better than anything I could have imagined.

Sailor Moon: The Cleric

Usagi-chan would be the Cleric class, or Paladin, of the group. She is the one character profession who can attack, defend and protect the party, and disperse heals all at once. She would also give a passive, party-wide buff that adds more HP (health points) and armor to party members.

Sailor Mercury: The Mage

Ami Mizuno, widely known as the Soldier of Wisdom, would have the highest intelligence stat, making her a formidable spell caster. She is an elementalist Mage attuned to water, and casts water based spells that either deal massive amounts of area-of-effect damage to enemies, or healing to allies.

Sailor Mars: The Ranger

Rei-chan, a character who is both calm and collected, but at times can be fiery and headstrong, would be the Ranger; a scout type class with elite tracking and skirmishing abilities. True to her nature, she has the ability to rain searing flames down upon enemies with various incendiary arrow attacks.

Sailor Jupiter: The Warrior

Of the five inner senshi, Makoto Kino would be the one on the front lines. As the Warrior class, her strength and attack power comes from her own inherent traits and abilities, not any specific weapon. She has high defense and attack stats, therefore making her a good mix between a tank and a DPS (damage per second) juggernaut.

Sailor Venus: The Rogue

Minako-chan was the last to join the inner senshi, but she was also the first to fight. Hiding in the shadows, Sailor Venus has waged war against the evil Dark Kingdom far longer than any other Sailor Scout. As the Rogue class, using multiple high damage stealth attacks, Sailor Venus excels at critically hitting the enemy where they least expect.

About the Artist

Sasha Mutch is an Australian animator and illustrator. You can view more of her work via tumblr or her Deviant Art.

If this game was real, I'd totally play as the Mage class with Sailor Mercury. What about you?


Which profession would you roll with in a Sailor Moon Fantasy RPG?


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