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If you're a comic book fan or even a geek culture junkie, then you know that even though crossovers abound, it's only in the most dire of times that heroes have agreed to team up with villains out of necessity.

Still, I don't think we've ever seen a time where Batman and his sidekick, Robin, have ever been desperate enough to team up with their arch-nemesis, The Joker...

(Okay, except that one time.)

But what about if The Joker became a hero and teamed up with Robin to save people's lives - in real life?

That's exactly what happened a few nights ago in Paisley, Scotland, when Steven Robertson and Robert Storrie, both ex-soldiers and Army buddies, were walking home from a costume party, Robertson dressed as Robin and Storrie dressed as legendary lunatic, The Joker.

Around half past midnight, the friends came upon an apartment building that was on fire, and that's when the two real-life heroes sprang into action. Not thinking of themselves for a moment, Storrie and Robertson ran into the burning building and started pounding on residents' doors, yelling for the sleeping apartment dwellers to get out.

But the heroes were slowed down when they ran into residents who thought they were being pranked by two guys in costume, said Robertson.

At one flat, a guy took one look and just slammed the door on us. We had to hit his door again and tell him we weren’t joking.

Soon, the fire stared spreading so fast that Storrie said they turned to kicking down doors directly to pull people out and get them to safety, using their Army training to work as a team and move quickly and efficiently through the burning building.

Luckily, this potentially tragic story had a happy ending thanks to the brave pair's quick thinking. The fire was started when one of the residents fell asleep while cooking sausages and his burner caught fire, and while he and his four-year-old son lost their apartment and all their belongings, no one in the building was hurt. Storrie and Robertson got to everyone in time and ushered them to safety, said lucky resident Nicola Clements.

I thought I was having a crazy dream when Robin and The Joker banged on my door in the middle of the night. They deserve a medal. Everyone got out because of their fast thinking.

Maybe now we'll see a DC team-up series with The Joker and Robin...

Then again, maybe not.



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