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What's a geek to do when a bundle of screaming, peeing and pooping joy is delivered to the family? Why, terrify the future nerd, of course.

Joseph Reginella, family man and owner of Toxic Teddies, decided to gift his two-month-old nephew with a JAWS-inspired crib that seemingly took a little getting used to. While Jaws himself is simply a fun attachment, the crib is actually the boat itself, built long enough to last the little tyke quite a while as he grows.

"Okay, I like it."
"Okay, I like it."

Joseph's creation took a hefty amount of time to make, but the process was certainly more than entertaining for the craftsman. This look at the shark's head shows just how massive it was before the bed was attached:

Needless to say, I'd be terrified too if I were Joseph's nephew! Still, it didn't take long for Joseph's nephew to take to the crib, despite a very rocky introduction.

It also makes for a great cat bed!
It also makes for a great cat bed!

The craftsman says that the idea was originally formed to give him something of a creative detour from his usual crib orders of airplanes and boats. For Joseph, of course, the publicity of his creation meant a sudden demand for replicas of the awesome crib - so if you're looking to get one for your growing geek, you should order them here, and fast.

UPDATE: Seriously, get 'em while they're hot! Joseph has begun work on larger beds, so now you too can perpetually pretend that Jaws is about to swallow you whole.


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