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The Justice League movie is still two years away and while we still don't know much but we might just have gotten a pretty big rumor stirring up. According to site Tech Times people who've read the script claim that Vril Dox will be the center villain. If you're not too familiar with the name Vril Dox you might know him by his other name in the comics.

That's right its Braniac who apparently will be our League's first big baddie and that's super exciting. I think Braniac is a fantastic and menacing villain to bring out for their first epic showdown. This would be the first time we get to see him on the big screen as well so it be interesting to see how they pull it off. I for one am hoping this does prove to be true and we get Braniac because i think hes one of the best villains in the DCU and a real global threat. There was more to add on the script however that might be a little downer.

The script apparently is too long and complicated for the average viewer which might not be a problem for die hard fans but still. The fact is that these movies have to appeal to everyone if they want to go up against Marvel and that might mean toning things down. I'm not saying DC should just simplify everything but right now it might be the smartest choice to catch up to Marvel. I think later on they can throw whatever but they have to prove themselves first. I hope the Braniac rumor is true though and we finally see the villain on the big screen. Theres one thing im still wondering though and that is.....

When are they going to cast the Green Lantern?! I mean come on the whole roster is cast but still no Lantern? I hope its soon though and i think Reynolds would've been great in the right hands but this most likely will be someone new. Who do you think should don the ring? Comment below!


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